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    Expect the promised changes to the Rams

    By Jeff Gordon

    Here is a shocker: The Rams were feckless in Seattle on Sunday afternoon.

    Given a win-or-else ultimatum by owner Chip Rosenbloom, the Rams rolled over against the winless Seahawks 37-13. So much for rallying behind beleaguered head coach Scott Linehan and defensive coordinator Jim Haslett.

    The Rams needed to make a statement in this game. Instead, they issued another pitiful cry for help.

    They stumbled onto Qwest Field and quickly fell behind the previously winless, injury-riddled Seahawks 24-3 in the second quarter. Their defense was practically helpless.

    “It’s been three weeks in a row,” Linehan told Rams Radio after the game. “A lot of big plays.

    “You can’t win in this league if you can’t do that.”

    The Rams actually showed some spirit during a more competitive third quarter, but that belated response was too little and too late.

    Their astonishing free fall continues. The Rams (0-3) have now lost 16 of their last 19 games.

    It is difficult to lose week after week in the parity-minded NFL, but this hapless team is up to the challenge. The Rams find ways to fail.

    Elsewhere in the Not For Long league Sunday, other cellar-dwellers put up a fight. The Dolphins won their first game in style, shocking the Patriots 38-13 up in Foxboro.

    The winless Vikings took care of business at home, handling the Panthers 20-10. The Bengals took a good run at the Giants, but fell 26-23 in overtime.

    But the Rams are still the Rams and Linehan is still winless against Mike Holmgren during his head-coaching career.

    Holmgren is retiring after this season, but his exit will come much too late to help Linehan.

    It’s over for Scott. As it turns out, nice guys really do finish last.

    The Seahawks scrambled to assemble a receiving corps for this game after losing their top half-dozen pass catchers to injuries. But they came out passing against the Rams and had no trouble advancing the ball.

    That set up some explosive running by Julius Jones, powerful running by T.J. Duckett . . . and the rout was on. Some of the Rams so-called “leaders” stomped up and down the sideline trying to fire up the troops, but the gesture proved futile.

    When the Seahawks needed to put the game away, they pounded away at the Rams defense with one successful run after another. They ate up a big chunk of clock and further demoralized Haslett’s defensive unit.

    This game became an epic physical mismatch. The Seahawks ran 11 more plays and outgained the Rams 407-240. They rushed for 245 yards (gulp!) and broke seven runs of 10 yards or more.

    “We’re going to have to tackle better,” Linehan said. “Some of their big plays, it was tackling. That’s basic football. That's Pop Warner on up.”

    Try as they might, the Rams could not establish a running attack with Steve Jackson. He did set up the team’s only TD with a 50-yard catch-and-run play.

    Marc Bulger did throw a touchdown pass to Dane Looker, but he spent most of the game throwing off his back foot. It’s no wonder Rams fans keep calling for Trent Green.

    Next up for the Rams: A date with 3-0 Buffalo at the Edward Jones Dome, which ought to be half-full of angry fans.

    It would be fair to expect changes between now and then.


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    SFCRamFan Guest

    Re: Expect the promised changes to the Rams

    Honestly, I'll believe it when I see it, and changing only the head coach without firing Ziggy won't make things any better in the long run. That change may have to wait until after the season. However, I do not see any changes happening anytime soon...

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    Re: Expect the promised changes to the Rams

    Changes will happen after the Buffalo game. Because the outcome will be the same. This team is not responding to any coaching. Maybe Henry Ellard can get his break at head coach. But Linehan or Haslett will not do it justice. The front office with jay Zygmunt must take action this week and set the firing in motion. That way in the bye week changes can be made for the two week lapse.
    This coach is not the answer and it is clear that the front office is very weak when it comes to changes and making personel decisions. So Chip to his word needs to step in and fire this coach and replace him asap. Linehan should have kept the Martz play book and maybe he could have been successful. Martz and Bruce are now laughing at this organization and they cannot wait to spank us when it's there turn.

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    Mooselini Guest

    Re: Expect the promised changes to the Rams

    Changes on the field will not change any outcome of our games. We might put up a few more points, we may not score at all. Point is, changes on the field as of now will not make us a better team. Putting Green in there will not magically make us win the next game. If the Offensive line can't protect for Bulger, THEY CANNOT PROTECT FOR GREEN EITHER! That's what has gotten me so pissed off the past three weeks. Is that Bulger is running for his freaking life and everyone is blaming him. You put the top QB back there and watch him play. He'll be running for his life too.

    Our defense is a flippin joke. Little is injured, sure. But there is no heart on defense. We've been getting burned for years and I'm sick of it. I'm calling for Haslette's head.

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    Re: Expect the promised changes to the Rams

    I am with you Moose. I think they need to make the coaching change after the Bills game. There has to be a better system with the talent. We have youth and veterans and it seems that they are pop warner. Chip said he would make changes if things did not change. 0-4 would be a cause for immediate changes.

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