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    ratmfan23 Guest

    Fakhir Brown

    Has anyone heard anything about Brown because after listening to Jim Thomas on the radio to me it seems like the rams feel like he might not be available to them at the beginning of this season if not longer just like last year. He never comes out and says that but he alludes that they know something they can't really talk about.

    I listened to it on STL Sports Insider - St. Louis Rams

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    chipperjones Guest

    Re: Fakhir Brown

    I dont know. This Fakhir Bronw speculation has went on for a while. After the signing of Macklin and other hints, I too think he will be suspended or cut. However until something happens, he is our CB.

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    Re: Fakhir Brown

    There doesn't appear to be any new information on Brown's status. The reporters who have insinuated that Brown may be unavailable for the upcoming season have close ties with the Rams organization which would preclude them from going public with privileged information. My understanding on this type of issue is that NFL random testing results are made available to a player's team first, which allows the team to privately make a decision on how best to compensate for the impending suspension. Given these circumstances, we'll just have to wait if in fact there is any truth to these insinuations.
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    Re: Fakhir Brown

    Exactly Maui. The Rams will have known about this for a while before it becomes public. We may or may not know before the draft, though with the rumors being out there and the Rams not saying anything to contradict them, it starts to make you suspicious. They just grabbed a corner with starting experience, but would seem to be the fourth or fifth kind of corner. They referred to him a nickel back, which suggests that he could battle to be ahead of Wade, to be the fourth, but that requires someone els eto be out as well, could it be Brown?

    We can do nothing but wait, but if we see another corner taken in the draft, especially early on the second day, it could be indeed that brown is out of there.

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    moloch41 Guest

    Re: Fakhir Brown

    What is Brown's poison of choice anyway? I originally thought that he was a boozehound, but since he hasn't been pulled over for DUI or arrested for drunk and disorderly- I'm guessing it's something else.

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    1st & Goal Guest

    Re: Fakhir Brown

    Check out STLtoday. Jim Thomas is having a Q&A and one of the questions was about the Brown rumors. He say's, trust me, there more to it than rumors. not a very good sign.

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