Aug 3 camp notes, by Hal Boutham Wednesday, August 03 2005 @ 01:48 PM CDT

It was hot today. Mid 80s and direct sun. I was glad I wasnít wearing uniforms and running around like some people at Rams Park. It looked especially bad for the defense because they always wear the dark blue. Marshall wore long sleeves under his jersey; donít know why he would do that.

Once again I canít wait to read what Hack writes because Iíve got no idea what I saw today. Jerome Carter and Atogwe were the guys I planned on scoping out, but you know, safeties donít often do much thatís interesting, and I gave up after awhile. There were some back pedal drills, but they all looked fine and all I really know is that Hawthorne is taller than everyone else.

There was a drill where the safeties delivered hard pushes to 4 blocks in a row, but it was tough to tell if players got a good pop with there arms, or if they cheated and took a running start. All I know is that Atogwe didnít put much of a hit of the blocks.

My belief is that the Rams are really and truly committed to having good ST, which doesnít mean they will, but they have spent significant time working on special teams every practice Iíve attended. There were drills where the big guys pushed other big guys as they all broke down field in punt coverage. And there were drills where two players would push the gunner out of bounds and then one would start yelling, "I got 'em" while the other ran off.

Travis Fisher and JButler were out of the lineup today, so the back-ups got to work with the A team. The two I saw getting the most work were #30 Terry Fair, and new-guy #32 Ron Bartell. Glancing at my score card there seems to be several notes about Bartell...

In coverage drills:
Curtis jumped up and got the ball over Bartell. Tory (not in uniform) honored him with a hand slap.

In 9 on 9s:
Curtis ate up Bartell. Would been a TD.

In 11 on 11s:
Bruce burnt Bartell at the goal line and #32 exploded an ďF-bombĒ. Martz talked to him a little and patted his back.

Bartell had very tight coverage on #17 Dominique Thompson, but Thompson managed to make a tough grab anyway.

Let me take a moment to say that everyone likes Kevin Curtis, and everyone is right. When you see him line up on a DB you know heís going to get open and then catch the ball if itís anywhere near him. Itís really a nice feeling. Is there any ďnonstarterĒ I feel better about? Tyoka is close, maybe Marshall... but KC is the guy.

And Shaun McDonald, lessee...
In 9 on 9s he fought clear of Groce for a tough catch. Groce clapped in disgust.
Next time Groce had him tightly covered.
Shaun made a nice grab against #20 Dwight Anderson (who got some coaching after the play).

Uhh... #82 Michael Coleman got open once against #30 Terry Fair, and the next time Fair had him covered.

The fullbacks and TEs made some nice catches today.
Hedgecock made a good grab over Pisa. Roland and Manu both made tough catches in the scrimmages, Manu fell down on a route once.

On one end zone play Groce kept Manu from making a catch, and Roland (about 5 yds away) said, ďHey, pass interference!Ē He might have been kidding.

In the scrimmages near the end of practice #56 LB Jeremy Lloyd showed up in four plays in a row.
--He cut through traffic and nailed Harris on a sweep to the right.
--The next play he stopped Harris in the middle for no gain.
--He was slightly late covering a short pass to #48 TE Jerome Collins, but then delivered a solid hit to prevent any RAC.
--#82 Michael Coleman ran an end around to the right and Lloyd pursed him and stopped the play for about a 3 yard gain.

I donít know anything about Lloyd, but he looked fine in that series.