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    Fan report from camp:8/06/05

    I spent most of my time watching the line play and most of that watching RT. So there was a lot of stuff that I missed.

    Rex Tucker is not a turnstile at RT. I have had to slow down every time I have gone through a turnstile. Rex is more like a planet and the DE is like a spacecraft that uses the planet to slingshot - using the gravity to speed up as it goes past. During 1-1, Little was the spacecraft, Tucker was Jupiter. He got beat badly on every 1-1 drill I saw but improved to turnstile status on some plays during the scrimmage.

    Matt Morgan looked better than Tucker both in drills and during the scrimmage, but I didn't see him line up against Little once. He might have but I didn't notice. Mostly I saw him going up against Tyoka and Callahan.

    Timmerman took part in a few of the drills but I didn't notice him during the scrimmage.

    Terrell really held his own against Kennedy in the scrimmage. I didn't really notice him during drills.

    I didn't notice Hargrove going up against Pace. But when I watched him, he did very well both in drills and during the scrimmage. He should be able to apply pressure against the average OTs in the league. He dropped into coverage on one play and went step for step with Jackson and made a nice pick on a throw that Fitz should not have made.

    Brandon Green looked good in drills too. But I didn't notice him during the scrimmage.

    Watching the QBs warm up, Smoker and Fitz both throw better balls than Martin. I didn't see the Fitz's ball nose down like Hack has reported during drills, but I did notice it on one pass during scrimmage. I guess Martin and Smoker took snaps during scrimmage, but I was so locked in to watching the line that I only notice Bulger and Fitz. Most of the time when Bulger was in so was Tucker, so Bulger had to hurry a lot, but still looked good.

    Fitz just looked lost. So lost that I don't think Lassie could have found him. He threw pass after pass that he shouldn't have thrown. A couple hit the ground with nobody near, three were picked off and one more should have been. He also dropped three snaps.

    Fitz has so far to go that I don't see him making this team. It really doesn't matter how bad Martin is. Maybe we can land Tony Banks or something...

    Late in the scrimmage I notice Bartell covering Curtis on the outside so I watched that for about 5 plays. I thought Bartell did pretty good but Curtis wasn't the target of any passes. He did seem to turn and run with him pretty well on a couple of routes.

    Furrey blitz on one play and its a good thing for Fitz that it was a scrimmage. Furrey came clean and Fitz didn't see him. I got pretty close to Furrey during autograph time and the dude does have some guns on him as reported by some others.

    Jackson is just amazing. In a year or two, when Faulk is gone and the OL is Pace, Terrell, Cog, Sap, and Barron?, Jackson is going to put up some huge numbers as the feature back. HUGE. He is big, very fast, and very sudden. If he has even half of Faulk's vision when running, the league will fear him.

    Watching Holt run routes during warmups makes it clear why he is so good. His cuts are MUCH faster and sharper than any other guy out there.

    I got pretty close to Mad Hedgehog during autograph time. The guy is built like a cinder block.

    Duval Thompson and Fair recieve a couple of KOs, didn't notice anybody else, but I didn't pay attention on a few. McDonald was the only guy that I noticed receiving punts.

    Hodges can really boot the ball. At least during warmups. He was consistently kicking it 45-50 yards with a 4-5sec hang time. The scrimmage was a different story. He did drop one on the 5 that was covered on about the 3, but he also shanked 2 others. I think he just needs to calm down a bit.

    The place was packed. And there was some nice cleavage.

    The O-line on the right side taking heat from little.

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    Re: Fan report from camp:8/06/05

    Quote Originally Posted by psycho9985
    The place was packed. And there was some nice cleavage
    too many distractions. LOL

    Thanks for the report psycho.

    Bartell and Furrey and two guys that have my interest this year. Furrey sounds like he is making the transition and Bartell sounds capable of playing with the big boys.

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    Re: Fan report from camp:8/06/05

    Thanks For The Report On The Clevage, Very Important,and Keep Up The Reports,thanks

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    Re: Fan report from camp:8/06/05

    You guys are too funny


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