Day 6, No Barron, by Oldhacker Light practice day.

Shorts and shells and helmets.

No hitting.

I assume due to heat and humidity.

Starting OL.
Williams Timmerman McCollum Terrell Pace

Ran "Non-Hitting Scrimage.
Bulger screwed up at first, fumble snap, throwing to areas with no receivers.
But then he started firing on all cylinders, man, can that guy throw a out route.
Great catches by #16 CarterRookie and #19 Middleton.
Coleman #82 dropped a pretty pass right in his hands, what a pass.

Special Teams
Martz was spending a great amount of time down with STs. half of the practice area was being used for extra points and field goals, Saipia was snaping.

The main field was used for punt returns.

This, #4 Hodges, can kick high and long, you can count 1 one thousand, 2 one thousands, etc up to 7 one thousands before the ball hit the ground, or was caught,
But, and there's always a but,
when Hodges lined up in the endzone and pressure was put on him, h kicked a couple of low line drives, easy to return.

They tried #56 Loyd snapping on punts, but Massey has no fears, he snaped 3 in a row over Hodges head, Martz patted Loyd on the butt and said that's ok, I bet he'll be one of the first cut....LOL

This Carter kid is just amazing, you know I ain't much on them little guys, but he's just a PRO.

Again Furrey is also looking great and he brings a load.

#84 caught a long pass over the sholder thrown by Smooker.

Smooker has a great arm, he throws the ball so well, he just needs to have more touch.

Fitzpatrick is still having problem with his throwing technic, has hitch, they are trying to get rid of, it's like he wants to practice throw before he throws.

Martin can NOT throw a long ball, it's just sad.

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