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    Farewell and Good Luck!

    Well, I must say that I have enjoyed posting here and talking Rams football (when it's actually being talked) for the past several months ...

    With that said, I'm done posting here. It's just not worth it anymore. I'm a diehard Ram's fan, always have been and always will be. Ever since I first put my eyes on NFL football, this has been the team I've followed. I will be in front of that TV, computer, telephone, whatever it takes, more than likely every day possible for the rest of my life following this great franchise: yes, GREAT, franchise. I love football, it is a passion of mine, and I appreciate the fact that I get to take part in it every week for several months out of the year ...

    Unfortunately, posting here has been more work than pleasure. I'm just tired of reading the same posts over and over again. The same topics pop up time and time:

    1. Bring Marty Ball to St. Louis
    2. Hire Cowher
    3. We're going 0-16
    4. Bulger sucks, get rid of him
    5. Jackson has a bad attitude, lets replace him with McFadden
    6. Linehan dresses funny
    7. Linehan should be mowing lawns
    8. The defense sucks, why aren't they getting better
    9. Let's blow the season to get a good draft pick
    10. This stat says this, this stat says that ...

    On top of that, I get tired of arguing with people who obviously have no knowledge of football and don't even watch the games, only to get negative hits to my name. I'm tired of 50 year old has-beens (who have never written a good post) spouting off on this board, and it's ok because its "expected", yet, I argue defense with some clown, and I get slapped on the wrist. I'm tired of the "fans" hoping that we go 0-16. I'm tired of receiving backlash for telling bandwagoners who are jumping off the wagon, exactly where they can go ...

    This used to be a place to talk football and enjoy being a Ram's fan. Now, it's just a doldrum of whiners who don't appreciate what they have. Being boisterous is great. Being a tough fan is great. But not realizing that each week could possibly be the last football game you ever see, is a travesty. It's unbeliavable to me that people boo their own team or wear paper bags on their heads in the stands. Not much that can be done about the booing, but I'll be damned if the paper bag fans ever sit next to me. I'd likely get ejected ...

    Key is to appreciate what you have. It might be bad football, but it is football. There is NOTHING we can do to change it, other than to continue to believe and support. As much as some people might like to believe, I doubt any Ram's personnel are reading this board. If they are, trust me, they are not going to take your advice ....

    To some of the posters that I've enjoyed interacting with (RamsAndDodgers, Fat Pang, CFH128, LaRam0, SavageRam, Evil Disco Ram, Rammiser, RamFan_Til_I_Die, RamWraith, AvengerRam, etc.), I wish you well and I hope you will keep believing in this team. To the new guys who come here for support and to talk this season through, you are in the wrong place. You'll leave each day with a bitter taste in your mouth ...

    The Rams will be back: I guarantee this. However, I will not be back. To all those hoping for 0-16, well, sorry but you'll likely be disapointed with at least three wins (SF, ATL, and Cincy are ripe for the taking). What a terrible disgrace it will be to win a game right! 0-16 woohooo (you bunch of losers)!

    I've got nothing more to say! Life long and live well! Go Rams forever!

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    Re: Farewell and Good Luck!

    some nice thoughts. Sorry to see you go but if your mind is made up, fair enough.

    I will close this thread, just to stop people taking a pop.

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