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    wscramfan Guest

    Faulk Action Figure

    They've finally put pictures of Series II up, so if you want to check out Mr. Faulk's action figure go to this link. Personally I think they could have done it better but I'll still get one. Remember to click on them for full screen shots.

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    I just recently scored a 2000/2001 super bowl MVP starting line up figure of Kurt Warner at Wal-Mart.I was wondering if it was worth anything.I have it in my Rams collection and wouldnt sell it ,but I have not seen another one around this area.Can you give me more info on this collectable.Thank you!

    GO RAMS!

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    Thumbs up Lifelike...

    Hey, that little figure on No. 28 looks great!

    I mean, sure, the Ram horns on the helmet could have been better --particularly from the front view-- but, in my opinion, I think it looks very "action packed" with impressive human detail (arms and overall motion). I will definitely try to get one of Marshall and the one on Kurt, from series I.

    As resemblences go... well, :rolleyes: makes me think of some of the busts in the HOF. With some of those, one simply cannot tell who the player is, or is supposed to be! I wonder what the close relatives think of their cantonized NFL hero.

    Thanks WSCRamFan for the info - link!

    Go RAMS!!!

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    Daddio Guest

    Spawn Sports Figures

    I think that these have always been the best figures. The Warner and Faulk haven't made it up to Alaska just yet but I plan on getting one of each.

    Theya re very realistic

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    Blankman17 Guest
    Where's the Grant Wistrom figure with detatchable flame thrower and kung fu grip?! :confused:

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