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    Faulk speaks about his future

    Hi guys, i just watched the midwest sports report interview with Faulk. This was part 3 of 5 and marshall spoke about his future and what he has been doing this off season.

    As for his future, he feels he can still play at a high level and said he expects to do so for a while. he says that if he feels he is hurting the team, he wont play, but that even with the injuries over the last two seasons, he has "had games where he felt like his old self." Marshall acknowledged that its difficult for any athelete to actually know when the time has come to admit that his skills have deteriorated, but that he feels stronger going into this season since he believes that his knee issues have finally been properly addressed.

    As to the offseason, in addition to the knee surgery, faulk says he has "gone down a size." He clearly looks like he has dropped some weight. He says he has not been lifting and has been resting his legs more than he has in the past.

    He concluded by saying that if he feels like he cant play to the level he expects he will sit down with the rams and figure out what to do next season, but he doesnt expect it to happen.

    There was no discussion regarding how the drafting of stephen jackson might affect his future.

    ramming speed to all, and all hail Marshall, Marshall, Marshall

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    Re: Faulk speaks about his future

    Thanks for these reports GC.

    You mentioned Faulk has gone down in size. Was there any talk if this is by plan or any reason for the drop in size?

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    Re: Faulk speaks about his future

    By plan, in order to reduce the wear and tear on his knees. When you look at his face, the difference is really noticeable.

    general counsel

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    Re: Faulk speaks about his future

    Faulk will be fine, they just need to use him. As far as the drafting of jackson that could be the steal of the class. I doubt faulk will have any problem giving up some pt to jackson if he is effective. Since that great day when the colts gave him up he has been a team player

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