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    Faulk's knee remains uncooperative

    By Bill Coats
    Wednesday, Jul. 19 2006

    Rams running back Marshall Faulk still is having significant knee problems as
    he tries to determine whether to attempt a 13th NFL season, his agent, Rocky
    Arceneaux of St. Louis, said Wednesday.

    "It's when he does a lot of those football things, like cutting ... it just
    blows up," Arceneaux said. "And I'm talking about just light pounding. His
    doctor gave him some tests to do, and he wants to see how he responds with the

    Faulk, 33, had surgery on both knees earlier this year. One knee has responded
    well, but the other has been balky. More surgery might be necessary, said
    Arceneaux, who described Faulk's chances of playing in 2006 as "a coin toss."

    "For a while, we thought it was going to be Marshall's decision, but the doctor
    pretty much took it out of his hands. He'll make the decision," Arceneaux said.
    "You know Marshall: If it were his decision, it probably wouldn't even be a
    decision. He'd just get up and go."

    Arceneaux met Tuesday with Jay Zygmunt, the Rams' president of football
    operations. The purpose, Arceneaux said, was mostly to update the team on
    Faulk's condition and to discuss a timeline for a decision to be reached.

    The Rams "are being very, very accommodating, very patient," Arceneaux said.
    "They know (Faulk is) fighting, and we certainly expect some determination will
    be made before training camp starts (next week). It's just a decision he can't
    rush." Zygmunt assured that the Rams wouldn't pressure Faulk for an answer.

    "With a player of Marshall's stature, this is a right he's earned," Zygmunt
    said. "What's most important is that he makes the right decision for himself.
    It's just one of things where it's not a black-and-white decision."

    Several options are available if Faulk isn't ready to play: He could retire; go
    on the injured-reserve list, which would keep him sidelined for the season; or
    be placed on the "physically unable to perform" list, which would make him
    eligible to return six weeks into the season.

    Faulk also has hinted at doing television work for year and then attempting a
    comeback in 2007.

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    Re: Faulk's knee remains uncooperative

    This may sound cold, Marshall should take a year off and address this issue next spring. The Rams need to be able to adjust accordingly.

    Marshall is one of my favorite all time Rams, I would rather have him on the roster but this is being dragged out to long in my estimation.

    Instead of doing t.v. work why doesn't he help with some coaching of the offense ???

    Marshall Marshall Marshall Faulk !


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    Re: Faulk's knee remains uncooperative

    For what it's worth, and I know there are all the "'s a business..." issues, but, I say what is the rush?

    I looks less and less likely that he will be there for the even the first half of the season, so let him take the time he needs (along with his MDs) to make a good decision.

    If he is in fact making the long walk to retirement, Marshall deserves to have it on his terms. The prospect of taking a year off and making a comeback is a pipe dream. IMHO he should go out on top, if that time is now... Hail Marshall!!

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    Re: Faulk's knee remains uncooperative

    More surgery might be necessary, said
    Arceneaux, who described Faulk's chances of playing in 2006 as "a coin toss."
    Yea right, it really sounds like a coin toss..........heads or tails, Faulk retires; if it lands on its side, he'll play.


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