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    moklerman Guest

    Favorite Rams/Warner memories

    I saw a similar topic over on the official site board and thought I would start it here (due to the large volume of morons responding on that board).

    Warner's last day as a Ram is an obvious time to reflect on his career as a Ram, but I didn't want to limit the discussion to just Warner. Taking a stroll down memory lane might conjure up other Rams memories for people that I would like to hear about/be reminded of.

    So, here's a few off the top of my head to get the ball rolling.

    1999-the first 3 games of the season where Kurt set the record for consecutive 3 td games by a rookie and the Rams were setting the league on fire. Then when Kurt and the boys FINALLY broke the *****(I guess "forty-niners" is a bad word?)streak. I was so happy about that that I almost didn't care what happened the rest of the season.

    1986-Jim Everett comes off the bench as a highly touted rookie and almost brings the Rams back to a victory over the Patriots. He had 3 td's and looked great in his first game. Back then, 3 td's was a pretty big deal for the Rams' qb position.

    1984-Eric Dickerson breaks O.J.'s record of 2003 rushing yards in a season. I remember he did it in week 15 against Houston and I hadn't set my VCR that week because he needed 220 yards to get the record. I assumed that he would get it in week 16 but low and behold, he ripped the defense to shreds and got the record a week early. Piled on more yardage the following week to a record that still stands today. Great Job, ED.
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    Re: Favorite Rams/Warner memories

    I really enjoyed those memories, jim everetts hail mary at the end of the game against the pats, whata game!

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    Re: Favorite Rams/Warner memories

    My favorite memory is breaking the TV remote after Bruce caught Warner's bomb in the Super Bowl.

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    sprtsmac Guest

    Re: Favorite Rams/Warner memories

    I'm sure for most people their favorite Warner memory will revolve around a game, but mine is about what he would do in a game. When Kurt was in the zone, which lasted 3 years; he would spin the ball in his hand as he was dropping back to pass. Then all of sudden he would stop spinning the ball, back foot would plant and the ball would be out. I always thought that this was pretty amazing because at any second that ball could fall out of his hands, but it never did. And he always kept his eyes down field. I have never seen another QB do that, and I don't recall Warner doing that the last couple of years. To me, that is my most significant memory.

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    ForeveRams Guest

    Re: Favorite Rams/Warner memories

    I have a ton of fond memories but there are only two that really matter. Warner to Bruce in SB XXXIV for the go ahead TD right after Vermiel said we would do it right now. Then the most monumental tackle in Ram history, the tackle. What a day to be a long suffering Ram Fan!

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    wttrash2 Guest

    Re: Favorite Rams/Warner memories

    Warner moments-Game against the Dolphins where he had Dolphins draped all over him and still managed to hit Faulk with the TD pass to end the half. He should have been sacked.
    Rams Moment-Best-Super Bowl win Worst-Super Bowl losses.

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    sbramfan Guest

    Re: Favorite Rams/Warner memories

    I was at that game in Anaheim when the crowd was chanting "EEEVVVEERRREETTT!" and he finally was put in. (I think TJ Rubley was the QB at the time?)

    My favorite KW memories involve Az Hakim. The rams won in style those 3 years, and Hakim epitamized that style, and grace. Like when he and Holt were talking to each other as they ran down the sidelines to score vs. Denver that Monday night....I think that was the pinnacle of Ram dominance..

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    Smile Re: Favorite Rams/Warner memories

    Quote Originally Posted by moklerman
    I saw a similar topic over on the official site board and thought I would start it here (due to the large volume of morons responding on that board).
    I couldn't agree more. That has to be the worst Rams message board on the net. I don't even bother reading it any more.
    Quote Originally Posted by moklerman
    Then when Kurt and the boys FINALLY broke the *****(I guess "forty-niners" is a bad word?)streak.
    Only when you spell it incorrectly. The correct and unedited spelling is "whiners".

    As for Rams memories, well, I have been a Rams fan for so long I am quite sure I have forgotten more than I remember. I have some old tapes of playoff games from the 80's and sometimes, when I get the time, I will watch them to reminisce. Of course I have the tapes from the playoff games of the new millennium and I remember players and games that were great, but nowadays, I live for the moment as a Rams fan.

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    lakerams Guest

    Re: Favorite Rams/Warner memories

    my favorite Warner memory was in the Superbowl against Tennessee. Blaine Bishop was laying on the turf after slamming his head into the TE's back. Kurt, always the class guy, knelt and said a prayer for Blaine.

    Kurt knew the players were more important than the game.

    as for the best Rams memory, it has to be THE TACKLE as mentioned above. everyone mentions the bomb to Bruce, but if Mike Jones doesn't make that tackle on Dyson, the Rams may not have won that game.

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    general counsel Guest

    Re: Favorite Rams/Warner memories

    The touchdown to bruce and the tackle by mike jones are my two greatest rams memories.

    As for captain kurt, if i had to pick just one play, i would pick the play in the superbowl against the Patsies. We are down on their goal line, fourth down with the game on the line, no one is open, and warner takes off for the end zone. He didnt make it and got creamed as badly as any qb has ever gotten hit. He got right up, got up, got us into the endzone, and brought us back again for the tying td. Had it not been for the choke job by the defense, there is no question that we are going to win that superbowl since if we had gotten the ball back it would have been over.

    That play happened about 25 feet in front of me as i was sitting a few rows behind it in the end zone. The look on warners face when he struggled to his feet said it all about his ability to sacrifice his body for the good of the team.

    Make no mistake about it my friends, there has NEVER been a qb in the history of the game who took more hard body shots over a three year period than captain kurt. Warner stood in there time after time as mad mike was calling play after play in which there were not enough blockers. Warners ability to stand in and hold the ball to the very last minute and then deliver an incredibly accurate throw to the open man was the key to his success. There was never any secret to how you needed to stop the rams offense. You had to get in warners face. The thing was, with the exception of tampa bay, teams couldnt do it without sending plenty of blizters and when they did, captain kurt made them pay. If the patriots dont cheat violently by grabbing the rams receivers 20 times down the field in the superbowl, we win that game.

    Bottom line, warner lead by example. he always put himself ahead of the team. I believe that he can still play, but not at the level of his peak. He has never been the same on the deep ball after the first game of the 2002 season against philly. He took the shots for the team, and he brought us the title we all waited for so many years.

    Ramming speed to captain kurt and his family. We all wish him the best. We will never know what would have happened if martz called the same plays with warner in the game as he did for bulger (ie more max protects, more faulk kept in to block. We wont ever know what would have happened if Pace had reported on time last year, giving the line a chance to work together in camp so that warner didnt get killed against the giants, or what would have happened if st clair didnt whiff against arrington in the crucial game in 2002.

    God bless captain kurt, and god bless the rams!!!

    general counsel

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    Re: Favorite Rams/Warner memories

    There are a lot of Warner moments that I consider special. Super Bowl excluded, I think one of my favorite Kurt moments was the 77-yard touchdown pass to Bruce in the divisional playoff game against the Vikings in '99.

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    Shale Guest

    Re: Favorite Rams/Warner memories

    The Rampagers had an email thread about this subject a couple of weeks ago. This is what I had to share:

    My favorite moment was off the field ...

    Seattle 2003, Kurt is riding the Pine. The Rams have a *very* disappointing loss and are understandably down. Dez, Moira, and I are waiting for his cab out by the stadium and both team buses drive by. We begin to clap and cheer for the team, hoping to let them know that us fans hadn't given up on them.

    Several players and coaches looked at us, only one smiled and waved .... Kurt Warner.

    Now that is class.

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