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    Favorite team: good or bad?

    First of all let me say that is a very good feeling being on top of almost every preseason poll and be considered the best team in the league. During the '90s i always looked for the Rams rank in the preseason previews and i always had to look at the bottom of the lists, and now "RAMS" is the first name on top of every rank. I say this because i don't to be misinterpreted: i am HAPPY we are on top, and i'm HAPPY to look at other teams from the top.


    How much can affect the team performance to be considered the team to beat?
    I mean, any opponent will face us trying to give the 200% to beat us, trying harder than against other teams, so they can say "we beat the Big Favorites". So we'll have to be at our best, always, every single play of the season.

    I already have an answer to this question (and the answer is given by the first six weeks from last season, when we were exactly in the same situation), but i'd like to hear your opinions, clanrammers

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    Post Football favorites...

    That's a good question Masi because, I think, it's an interesting hypothesis, really.

    I agree that the 2001 St. Louis Rams are THE team to beat. So much so, in fact, that I believe all this anticipation resulted from what happened last year, all the topsy-turvi happenings that stifled the teams potential so drastically since the first defeat at the KC Chiefs. Kurt's injury, then Marshall's; an injured offensive line since week 8; a struggling D and perhaps a lukewarm Kevin Carter and/or Todd Lyght.

    So much had already been expected and proven in the first six weeks, however, that it left everyone assured of this: the Rams offense is truly a force to be reckoned with! That strength remains today, and probably even more solid.

    Now we have a very promising defense --which will at least be better than last year's-- and an overall wiser group of coaches, players, and game schemes. This year's combination of veterans, rookies and new coaches are producing a potential so remarkable that it is almost tangible! You can f-e-e-l it.

    Hence the upside. As a more mature team, the Rams are well aware of their high-caliber capabilities. They are a good, honest group of well-coached professionals that realize and understand what everyone else in this year's schedule is up against: opponents will be trying to either climb up over the bleachers, hit the deck or just simply run away from the Rams stampede.

    The downside? I really can't see one --other than having to meet the challenge (a welcomed challenge, that is), of defending their top ranking position with confidence and poise. [Think about it; sure, every team in the league goes in with confidence and courage, but how many know they simply do NOT have a Ram offense? They all k-n-o-w it! Again, it's a fact everyone has to deal with!]

    I just can't see a disadvantage in being the best. Not if you're responsible and smart about it, not arrogant.

    Injuries withstanding, I think Coach Martz and company are ready to reveal the power and the prowess of the 2001 Rams. Watch out!

    GO RAMS!!!
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    Thumbs up The Super Bowl and nothing less.

    According to what I've read and heard the Rams goal is the Super Bowl and many players have stated that anything less would be a disapointment.I think being ranked on top is a definite positive.Kurt Warner,among others,have said that they feel they can beat anyone in the league.Our Rams our a confident bunch and as long as we stay healthy I dont see how we wouldnt have a terrific year.
    GO RAMS!
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    Thumbs up Rams/Titans Superbowl Rematch

    I too think the Rams will do well this year. Though, I think the Titans are THE team to beat. I think it would be great to see both teams have another go at each other in the Superbowl. That last one was a great game. One of the best I'd ever seen.

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    Hi Atlas, welcome to the ClanRam,

    You catch me right inthe middle of me changing the board over so you may see colours changing etc

    Could you enlighten the Fans from outside the USA what happened in the game last night ???

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    Well, it depends on the level,

    In college, I prefer if, for example, the Cornhuskers start out between 6th and 8th, because that gives both room to move up and motivation for the season.

    With pro, there are no formal polls that effect the possibility of a team in the big game. If a team is supposedly the best, they go out and prove they're the best, no biggie. If they're not the best, persay, but still good, they can still move into position and get to the Super Bowl.

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    If the defense takes care of themselves, then everybody will have us as the team to beat again by week 6. When you really look at the whole NFC, only TB and NO really should have a shot at beating us, with Philly having not enough O to get it done.

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