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    RamtuffMC Guest

    Feels good to be here.

    Hey, I thought I would just cut in real quick and say that it's great to find a forum like this one. I have been a die hard since I was six ( that would be the year before the dreaded Superbowl XIV), and have been loyal even when they were deemed "the worst team of the 90's". It has been lonely being a Rams fan living deep in Bucs territory, but its nice to find a group that you can share basking in the glory of a dynasty in the making. Maybe that's a little excessive, but so what. Don't all long time Rams fans deserve to soak in it a little?

    Anyway, I'm gald to be on board.
    Mike Cooley

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    ILRamfan Guest

    You Said it!

    I totally sympathize. I am a Ram fan living in Chicago Bears territory. One thing that amazes me is that the Chicago Tribune on Wednesday can write a full page about the Bears. They were the second luckiest team in football this year, next to the Patriots. I also lived in St. Louis during the Big Dead years. It is so gratifying to have the Rams now, and they have totally won my loyalty.

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    Welcome to the Clan!!!!

    Welcome Guys!!! Glad you FINALLY made it.

    Chat room will be open for the game, lots of fun in there also.

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    DJRamFan Guest

    Glad you made it

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    It's great being a Rams' fan right now. Growing up in mostly Chiefs' territory, I was often teased by my friends during seasons previous to 1999. I knew it would all pay off eventually, though, I just didn't expect it to come this fast. I can't wait 'til tomorrow, when I get to watch the Super Bowl with my best friend, who is a die-hard Patriots' fan. :evil:


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    Blankman17 Guest
    I'm sure EDM can back me up on this one: Here in NE, the pro loyalties are mixed and varied, so it's nice to have a place like this to come and be welcomed

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    28rulz Guest
    Even though I live in Springfield MO, there aren't as many Rams fans as I thought there would be , there is a lot of Chief loyalty. I have really enjoyed this site because I'm still learning as I watch and all you guys make it that much easier and fun to learn...I hate to learn new things!!!Win or lose this team will alwys be where my loyalty lies.
    Ahhhhhhhhh I have been so excited all day..I don't know how much more I can take...too much excitement for this fan.

    :shield: GO RAMS, WIN BIG!!!!

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