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    Fendi Onobun Question

    I know this is a pretty long post, especially for a first on the forum. But there actually is a question in here, I put it at the bottom and in bold too.

    I'm an Arizona alum and lived a few doors down from Fendi for a year in the dorms, so I knew him and was a big fan during his time at Arizona, followed him at Houston, and plan on following the rest of his career. Dude is a freak of an athlete for his size, he's bigger and more athletic that Gates, I'm hoping for big things from him in the NFL.

    Couple quick stories for you guys

    When I was moving into the dorm I saw him down the hall and thought to myself, oh cool, a football player lives a few doors down from me, only to find out later that he was a big time basketball recruit for us. So I think it's pretty funny that in the end, he really was a football player just trying to play basketball.

    I also want you guys to know what kind of man you are getting. He was a really down to earth guy for being such a highly rated recruit at a basketball school like Arizona. He was hanging out playing video games with us one day and was talking about how he was there to get an education and that if something happened with basketball, great, but he was there first and foremost for school.

    Loved that, but he was also just a great guy in general, his roommate, also on the bball team, was a complete dick, wouldn't even respond if you said hello when passing him in the hall. Fendi was the guy who would stop and say hello to you first, even just us normal students, the difference between the two couldn't have been any greater.

    The next year he saw me in the library and stopped me to ask how I was doing. I didn't see him and would have never known he was there, but the fact that the big time basketball player actually called me out to talk for a minute was pretty impressive on his part IMO. Needless to say he has earned my respect for life and have been talking him up to anyone who will listen that he is the next big TE in the league.

    Once I know he is going to stick with a team for a long time as their starter, as I know it will happen, I'll be ordering my authentic Onobun jersey. If it isn't going to happen with my Panthers somehow, I actually hope it's with the Rams since him and Bradford could be a very impressive combination for years to come.

    I was just wondering what you guys think of him, what's being said around town and how he's progressing? Thanks a lot everyone

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    Re: Fendi Onobun Question

    Had a back Injury that really slowed him down, he played on special teams mostly got some action in one game where we targeted him a couple times in the redzone. Rams have faith in him it took them a while to put him on the IR

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    Re: Fendi Onobun Question

    He looks great physically. He could use a little work on his hands as sometimes he looks a little awkward receiving the ball, but maybe that's because he is left handed too.

    Overall, he is a very exciting prospect for the Rams. This season should be a chance for him to step forward and prove he can stay healthy to contribute in the Rams TE core.

    McDaniels hire may hurt the TE as traditionally he likes to use alot of 3WR sets. If Fendi can prove his worth he has the ability to line up in the slot and present a mismatch for the 2nd level.

    The Rams potential next season is very high and hopefully he is part of those plans.

    Always like to hear stories about good people as far too many athletes aren't good people.

    I will also remember they day Thurman Thomas ate McDonalds next to me in Newark airport and he talked to me for 5-10 mins because I had my college baseball travel suit on...

    go rams!

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    Re: Fendi Onobun Question


    first off ,thanks for taking the time to share all`s always good to hear we got some classy guys as players on our team.
    if you scroll down the page under this thread you will see links to other threads about Fendi.

    his first year was really just about him learning the position more rather than getting on the field. when he was drafted it was very much as a project pick but one with an absolute sky high ceiling.
    as it turned out he did get to suit up for us and made a couple of catches,not many i think 2 or 3..but i know that in itself hugely impressed Billy Devaney (our GM) i don`t know where he would fit into Josh McDaniels playbook now,only time will tell but i sure hope they stick with him for a good while yet ,because his potential is still so big.
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