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Thread: A few depth chart predictions for the upcoming season.

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    A few depth chart predictions for the upcoming season.

    While preseason answered some of the many questions we had about the state of the Rams depth chart, there are still a lot of question marks heading into Game 1 against the Cards.

    Here are my top three depth chart questions, followed with how I think they'll play out.

    1. Who will get the majority of the carries behind D.Rich?
    When Pead gets back from his 1-game suspension, I expect him to immediately be the number 2 back with all the opportunities in the world to take the starting role. Will he step up? Only time will tell. He needs to work on his ball security and vision/patience. He's been a solid pass catcher and pass blocker this preseason, which I think will go a long way. I still love his home run ability and I like the idea of feeding him the rock.

    2. Who will return kicks?
    Chris Givens. He proved to be a very capable returner last year. I'm convinced they didn't use him in preseason to be on the safe side and to let Pead get some cracks at it. Pead failed. If I'm Fisher, that's my guy. I also wouldn't be surprised if they threw Tavon back there in close-game situations. Why not?

    3. Who will win the job opposite of Givens?
    Brian Quick. I believe Pettis may "start" opposite of Givens to begin the season, but I fully expect Quick to receive the majority of the snaps and take over as the season progresses. We invested a very high pick in him and I'm expecting him to contribute. If he can turn the switch on, he would be a perfect addition to the revamped offense along with Cook, Givens, and Austin.

    Lets see who the real Rams Nostradamus is around here. Post yours answers!

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    Re: A few depth chart predictions for the upcoming season.

    I don't think the Rams will use Chris Givens on kick returns. My reasoning? Givens is the teams number 1 WR at the moment, and you don't put your number 1 receiver on kick offs
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    Re: A few depth chart predictions for the upcoming season.

    1 and 3 make sense. Pead is the obvious choice for #2 duties at the moment, and while I think the Rams will make Quick earn the starting spot opposite Givens, that'll be easier to do if Pettis continues to underwhelm in the role.

    As for the kick return idea, I'm with tomahawk. I doubt the Rams put their #1 receiver back there on special teams duties. For similar reasons, and the fact that he's already handling punts, I don't want to see Austin there. Stedman was on kick return duty with Austin at times here at WVU, so maybe he gets a shot.

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    Re: A few depth chart predictions for the upcoming season.

    1. Who will get the majority of the carries behind D.Rich? That's a tough one. The best I can come up with is either Stacy or Cunningham. I see Pead as a third down back and D-Rich's back up if he is lost to us. If D-Rich got hurt Pead would start until he came back or keep the job if he played lights-out. I have not seen enough of Stacy or Cunningham to say who is better at this time. Cunningham looks faster and bigger I think he will have early success if he gets a chance to play. I think the Rams have Stacy ahead of Cunningham. I'm going to say Cunningham becomes the guys speed.

    2.Who will return kicks? Cunningham looks like the guy, he's a business decision to anyone that wants to get in front of him on a kick return.

    3.Who will win the job opposite of Givens? Pettis, not sure he won the job but he will start. Maybe we get a shock and they start Quick but I doubt it. If they make Quick a red zone threat and use him primarily in the red zone, he will not over take Pettis this year. Don't think we can talk about the number two job without a mention of Stedman Bailey.He's a very polished receiver already so it should be interesting to see what he does with his opportunities. It might come down to who Sam trust will make a play for him and that guy might just be Bailey in the long run.
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    Re: A few depth chart predictions for the upcoming season.

    My thoughts:

    1) D-Rich will be one, Pead will be two, Zac stacy will be 3rd on depth chart. Peads big play ability and explosiveness is just difficult to pass up for a team that lacks offensive firepower ( well, up to this point hopefully, anyway)

    2) Tavon returns EVERYTHING here!!!

    3) Brian Quick should and will win the job eventually, but Pettis WILL start, no question about that.

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    Re: A few depth chart predictions for the upcoming season.

    1. As for #2 RB, I think Stacy gets the nod over the others based on his college experience going against SEC defenses and Fisher likes the toughness he displays. Cunningham is not far behind, but I think Pead will be next because of his versatility (running and receiving) and pass blocking.

    2. Here is where I see Cunningham. Until Pead overcomes his fumbling, he's too much of a liability on KR. We cannot afford to give teams a short field on turnovers. No way does our #1 WR do KR's.

    3. As much as I think Quick will eventually be the #2 WR, Pettis may get the nod out of the gate because of his experience. Quick had a better pre-season than Pettis who still drops too many balls that he should catch. Pettis was great in OTA's but who remembers that?

    Go Rams!

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