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    The Final 53 Man Roster-Very Few spots available

    Lets take a quick look at what we know about the final 53 man roster. For purposes of this post, lets be optimistic and assume that no one gets hurt before the season starts.

    Offense (27)

    bulger, chandler, smoker
    bruce, holt, curtis, looker, mcdonald, furrey
    mamliamula, cleeland, jensen
    goodspeed, harris
    pace, turley, grant williams
    wohlabaugh, eby
    timmerman, mccollom, andy king, larry turner, tercero
    faulk, jackson, gordon

    Note: I am probably over by one offensive lineman, ie it is likely that turner could be on the practice squad

    Defense (25)

    Little, Fisher, Flowers, Hargrove, Tyoka Jackson, Moran
    Pickett, Lewis, Kennedy, Bell (or another veteran if we dont win the claim on bell)
    a williams, archuletta, coady, shivers, lucas/walton/copeland
    fisher, butler, groce, garrett
    thomas, pisa, polley, chillar, two of the following (newsom, jeremy lloyd, nick burley, jason mcWilliams, Justin Smith, spoon, trev faulk)

    Specialists (3)

    Wilkens, Landetta, Massey

    That gets us to 55, meaning I am two guys over. Probably means one of the offensive lineman (ie turner) winds up on the practice squad, and potentially moran doesnt make it or we dont sign another defensive tackle). Positionally, we carried six linebackers last year so i am assuming that we wont carry more this year, but if we do, someone else will have to get cut or put on the practice squad.

    The practice squad this year expands to 8 players. Candidates include Larry Turner, safties and corners that dont make the roster (ie shedrick copeland), nick burley, possibly michael coleman again at wr, the qb we just signed (micahnah sp?), and especially some number of the linebackers that dont make the team since we will need depth there for special teams play.

    To me, at the margain, the key will be the ability to contribute on special teams. I believe that the most viscious battle will be for the backup linebacker spots since there will be no clear cut answers.

    I defy you to find another team in the nfl that has so few spots up for grabs at this point of the year. I take that as a good thing since i think that our young guys will improve given the year of experience. While we have not added a lot via free agency, we have added some key help in the draft and we have retained some solid young guys.

    I look forward to your thoughts and input as always.

    ramming speed to all

    general counsel

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    Re: The Final 53 Man Roster-Very Few spots available

    I think it would make sense to find someone other than Massey to function as the long snapper. He's taking up a roster spot and that's all he does. I dunno, seems like a waste to me, considering an offensive lineman could probably do it -- maybe Eby or Turner.

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    general counsel Guest

    Re: The Final 53 Man Roster-Very Few spots available

    That is a logical point nick, but from what i have always read, it is virtually impossible for a guy to become a long snapper overnight. This is one of the things that mystifies me. There are dozens of marginal nfl players at the tight end and linemen positions who would enhance their job situations dramatically by practicing to become long snappers. I think this is one of those skills that looks a lot easier than it acutally is and that the margain between having a very good long snapper like massey and a makeshift one can actually cost you games (see what happened to the giants two years ago in the playoffs vs. the niners).

    I guess part of the theme for all of you with sons out there is this- If you cant raise your son to be a left handed relief pitcher or a left handed hitting catcher, a long snapper is probably your best route to the nfl.

    ramming speed to all

    general counsel

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    Wink Re: The Final 53 Man Roster-Very Few spots available

    Very good job putting this together gc!

    I think when the final roster comes out you will probably be very close. I doubt the Rams get Bell off the waiver list, but you never know. One guy I am familiar with, from the U of Idaho Vandals, is Brian Howard. Although, he has a tough road ahead, I will be pulling for him and won't be surprised if he makes the roster.

    As far as Massey goes, I agree with your evaluation gc. The long-snappers are hard to find, especially a good one like Massey. An accomplished long-snapper is a valuable and often under-appreciated special teams player, but well worth a roster position.

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    Re: The Final 53 Man Roster-Very Few spots available

    Massey is a master at what he does. Getting rid of him would be a mistake. Wilkins owes a large part of last year's success to Massey. Cam Cleeland was the back-up LS last season and I am assuming that he will be next year as well.

    I will not be surprised if either Moran and/or Eby are cut before the season starts. Before he was injured last season, Tercero was being moved to center and while that switch seems to have fallen by the wayside both he and Turner are options at both guard and center. This makes them valuable options when compared with Eby. I am assuming that Turner will be an option at both positions at the NFL level. We will find out in August, I guess. Moran did nothing last season and he has no upside. If he distinguishes himself against the running game during the preseason then maybe he makes the team. Otherwise, he is taking playing time away from guys who might have some upside (fisher, flowers, hargrove). WHo the hell knows really, if someone else really steps it up at DE then I wouldn't be surprised if Flowers is cut before the season starts. Man, the DE position worries me this year.

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    Massey Rocks

    Don't you dare even think about getting rid of Massey. Having a long snapper that is reliable is huge. Just ask the Giants. Remember the playoff game against the whiners in 2002? The long snapper blew it.

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    Re: The Final 53 Man Roster-Very Few spots available

    Great work GC, not sure if we'll carry 3 TE's and 2FB's, that would save one spot possibly.

    I'd agree with all those that posted that a good LS is essential. I think a good kick off is also important, anyone know what the average starting field position for the Rams opposition was last year?


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