Head Coach Scott Linehan
Friday, December 29

(Opening statement) “Really no change. Everybody’s pretty much got as much work, if not work more, today, than they did yesterday. We’ll make the decision on Victor (Adeyanju) on gameday. He seemed okay with his cast. We downgraded him just because the cast he’s had hasn’t been very functional, but I think he’s more comfortable with the way we have it now.”

(On the young offensive line) “You’d like to think that we’ve come up with a group that’s playing pretty well. Last week was a great indication, as was the week before, of young players that you put them in the mix and see what they can do. They passed the test. This will be a huge test for them this week with the defensive line we’re facing. You get that every week. You want to get ready for the games and see how guys respond.”

(On establishing the run against Minnesota) “That’s certainly our approach every week, but we’ve still got to establish the running game regardless of how much people play the box. This is different in that I think they hold up well with the tough box with as well as they do playing two-deep zones; which is what the Tampa Two defense is designed to do. You can do that when you have a great front like the defensive line we’re playing there. This will be a huge test for us this week.”

(On any more talk about the playoffs) “It’s a one-game season game now. If we take care of this and things fall our way, great. If not, we’re not going to approach the game any different.”

(More about the playoffs) "We’re getting ready for Minnesota. Scenarios at that point won’t be the topic; it’s getting ready to play a tough game on the road in Minnesota. I know very well it’s a tough place to play, and their team, and their defense with the way they’ve been playing, it’s going to be a tough test for us. We’re going to get ready to hopefully build on what we’ve been able to do the past couple of weeks.”

(On if ending the season 8-8 on a three game winning streak will carry over into next season) “I think it does somewhat. I think it’s very good momentum for you, not just the next season, but your offseason and what you’ve been trying to accomplish and build on and all those things. It’s always better to finish with improvement. It does help to win the games, but if you see an improvement on your team from start to finish…we’re playing for a lot; not just the playoffs in my opinion.”

WR Torry Holt

(On what the Rams need to do on Sunday) “I think we just need to go out and play. We need to put our best game together and go out and finish up on a good note.”

(On the Rams late season success carrying over to next season) “I hope so. We won’t be able to tell until the next year, but you would think that if you finish up strong that things will carry over to the following year. I’m hoping so, but we have this game against Minnesota first. We have to go up there, play four quarters of football, and hopefully come out there with a win and give us something to look forward to as we go into the offseason.”

(On the Vikings secondary) “(Darren) Sharper is a Pro Bowl guy who’s very savvy. He does a good job in route recognition and he’s a very good tackler who has a knack for the football. Antoine Winfield is a very good tackler and he plays well in coverage as well. Dwight Smith is no slouch either. He’s a big hitter that gets big time interceptions and he’s been around the league so he has some savvy as well. Their left corner will probably be their youngest spot, so it will be a challenge for him there. Other than that I think their secondary is pretty good.”

(On the Vikings run defense) “With the two Williams guys (Pat and Kevin) up front. Those guys, to me, are two Pro Bowl guys. They can stuff the run and they’ve done that all year. I think they’ve allowed the least amount of rushing yards in the league. It’ll be a challenge for our offensive line, it’ll be a challenge for us on the perimeter, and it’ll be a challenge for Steven (Jackson) to get through there, see some cracks, and hit them and help us in the run game. This will be a very good Minnesota team that we’re about to play on Sunday.”

(On the Rams confidence level) “I think we’re playing with a tremendous amount of confidence. I think that stems from how well the offensive line is performing. I’ve always said, if your offensive line is serving you well, with the skill players you have on the outside and the at the quarterback position, you can pretty much do anything you want. Our offensive line is really doing a great job and allowing us to do some things on the perimeter and definitely allowing us to do some things in the running game.”

(On looking back and being disappointed that the Rams didn’t capitalize on opportunities they had during the season) “That’s just natural. That’s just human nature and you’re going to do that. That’s in the past. We didn’t take care of business when we had the opportunity, but you look at it and we have an opportunity now to finish 8-8 and then see how things play out from there.”

(On if the loss of defensive backs is going to change the Vikings’ defensive gameplan) “You really won’t be able to tell. I don’t think they’re going to change up too much of what they do. I think they have their defensive identity and they’re going to stick to that. They’re a little inexperience at corner because of the loss of (Fred) Smoot and (Cedric) Griffin so they may do some Cover 2 things and more zone defense. I think they’re going to come out and play. They have nothing to lose so they’re going to put it all on the line and see what those guys can do.”