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    RammStein Guest

    Cool Finally!

    well .. I finally made it to the boards .. let me introduce myself .. the alias is RammStein .. I've had the name for 6 years now didn't know about the band until 3 years ago .. but I decided not to give it up .. why the name RammStein .. well there are many explanations but this one will do .. I have a Battling Ram type of additude and I like to drink .. or use to that is .. and I'm a Ram Fan

    my history of being a Ram Fan:

    I was 7 years old going to an California Angels(now Anaheim Angels) baseball game .. I looked around the stadium in ahhhh and saw the LA Rams logo next to the California Angels logo (this was back in 1984) .. so being the little kid and not as logical thinking as I am now .. I figured if I loved the Angels(which I still do) and this team named the Rams played in the same stadium then I MUST like them too .. hence why I became a Ram fan .. and even through those tough years when the crappy Niners beat the Rams 13 straight times I NEVER gave up on my Rams .. I'm not to happy about the move to St. Louis .. but Georgie wont damper my love for the Rams .. I've been on cloud nine ever since the season the Rams shocked the NFL world .. so with that

    GO RAMS!

    ps .. I signed up for this board before the Fins game but because that virus Nimba got to my email account couldn't varify .. now I have and wanted to say to the Fins fans that took the time to come to this board to gloat about their wins over ravens and raiders .. when did you EVER think you could beat the Rams .. you Fins got LUCKY with the Raiders and as for the Ravens .. they needed their heads popped .. thanks for doing that!


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    Welcome RammStein, hope you enjoy being a Clanrammer. Those fins have a half decent defense but by the end of the game Sunday they were running round like headless chickens, it was great to watch


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    MsWistRAM Guest
    Welcome, RammSteinm! Love the name!

    I'll be brave enough to say I'm a bandwagoner that jumped on before the '99 season, partly because the Rams have been holding their last 6 summer training camps here in Macomb, Illinois. They are stuck with me as a fan now. In case you couldn't tell from the name, #98 DE Grant Wistrom is my favorite.

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    AJD45 Guest
    MsWistRAM wrote:
    >>I'm a bandwagoner that jumped on before the '99 season

    Choosing the Rams before 1999 is hardly jumping on the bandwagon, considering we were in the running as "the worst team of the decade" at that time.

    Is so nice hardly being able to remember those days...

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    DaddoRam Guest
    Yeah, but you know we shouldn't ever forget those times. Winning is that much sweeter for those of us who lived through ten years of some of the most rotten football ever seen. Enjoy Kurt Warner remembering Steve Bono. Enjoy Marshall Faulk remembering Ironhead Heyward.

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    AJD45 Guest
    So many years can never be forgotten; those times scar forever. But we survived and, you're right, it does make it sweet. I get a big laugh in moments like a couple days ago when my friend thought I was making up the answer to "who was the Rams leading rusher before Faulk?" with "June Henley".

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    longhornrams Guest

    Pre-Glory Days

    My personal favorite memory of the bad old days was Coach Vermeil driving to Lincoln, Nebraska to pick up our first round pick. You all remember Lawrence Phillips? Who Coach V picked up from jail?

    Thank the lord that Vermeil brought in Martz to build The Greatest Show on Earth, that John Shaw and Jay Zygmut went out and got Marshall, and that Kurt Warner came out of nowhere.

    FYI, I've only been a fan since the team moved to StL; can some of the longer fans share what the "Fearsome Foresome" or Dickerson/Everitt days were like in L.A.?

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    I drove to Indianapolis the first year in St. Louis after the 4-0 start. I was talking smack too; and there were quite a few Rams fans there. We got beat, and the slide was long and fast (very very very long). Football is like dating sometimes; feast or famine. A single man may go months without dating a woman, and then once you start, they come out of the woodwork. You can lose for years, then suddenly get good now. We had famine for a long time, enjoy the feast.

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    DaddoRam Guest
    Best choice for you would be to get onto ebay or amazon and get a copy of "Headslap" by Deacon Jones, the book (can't remember the title) by Pat Haden about his rookie year, or other old books about Rams history. Full of outstanding and colorful guys!

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    RAMble On Guest
    I agree with Txramfn. We should all make the most of being a Rams fan now. Hoop it up at the sports bar.....Wear the Rams colors proud.....Try to catch a few games in person and high five every fellow Ramfan around.

    While doing this, pray that we can keep it going for a long time.

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    That's what it's all about!...

    You got it RAMble, good advice (except for the bar [I don't drink --never have, but you can still trust me] )! It's just great to be a Rams fan!

    Longhornrams, check out:



    c). [there are a number of good historical postings and pictures here, in various categories; you can use the Search feature too]

    Like Rammstein, I also think more and more honest fans are discovering this ClanRam Warrior site and feeling fortunate about it all, that is, "GO RAMS!!!"

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    This is a great time to be a Rams fan.I never thought I would be able to root for a Rams team this damn good.Joining ClanRam has made this season even more enjoyable.I 'm glad I finally got a puter.My most painful memory during the bad ol' days was when Knox pulled Everett and put T.J Rubley in.I knew the end had come.Ironically,that game was against the Lions,so the way I see it,we owe the Lions a good butt kicking.They've gotten the best of us the last few times around.


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    JetMoses Guest



    Du hast.

    Du hast mich.


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