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    Tony Soprano Guest

    Fire Larry Marmie !

    Last year we finished the season giving up 48 points to the Falcons. This year we've played total patsies - except for the Giants and the Seahawks.

    In those 2 games, we given up an average of 41 points.

    Seriously, did anyone think of Marmie when we had to go out and get a DEF coord? Most teams get a coord from a team that's Defense is setting the league on fire. That's how it's done, that's how we got Lovie Smith,, Tampa Bay's DEF was the leagues best and he was a coach on that DEF.
    BUT, we bring in Larry Marmie, the Arizona Cardinals DEF coordinator. Now, Marmie was fired from Arizona (with the rest of the staff). So, Marmie wasn't a hot coach, and he didn't work on a good Defense, yet we brought him in here to be Defensive coordinator.

    The only remote reason one can fathom for hiring Marmie is simply Cronyism.

    The Question is not will we immediately turn things around under a new Defensive coordinator, the Question is are we going in the wrong direction on Defense?

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    Re: Fire Larry Marmie !

    Yes indeed!!

    Fire someone, anyone will do as a scapegoat.

    Heaven knows the FO has filled this roster with great young talent.

    They just aren't being coached properly.

    Hodges would be a better punter if he had a new special teams coach. I am sure the current special teams coach is not using Hodges leg to the best of it's ability.

    Yes indeed, FIRE A COACH, any coach will do, just don't fire any players.


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    Re: Fire Larry Marmie !

    Tony, do you think we should have blitzed more to take some pressure off the secondary? Littles injury really really hurt. We all know that while this is at best an average defense, and that is really at best, without little at full strenth, we are very very suspect and without a pass rush, we have no chance at all of covering down the field, especially with groce hurt and fisher unable to cover granny bison.

    ramming speed to all

    general counsel

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    thrown-track Guest

    Re: Fire Larry Marmie !

    Since we entered this era of the GSOT and the quest to get back too it ....its been no secret that the Rams D has been substandard but I have to agree with Tony. Marmie is most certainly not the answer to the Rams swiss cheese defense. At least when Lovie was there we had a fighting chance to not give up 30 plus points a game and from what I heard from over on the now defunct official Rams message board ..the only reason Marmie got the job is because Martz felt that he owed his ole chum that much.

    If thats true than its all on Martz for hiring an unsatisfactory candidate into a critical postion for the sake of friendship.

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    Re: Fire Larry Marmie !

    Leonard Little was out the majority of the game, our already average secondary is beaten up and small, and it's way too risky to blitz too much when third, fourth, and fifth receivers are already getting open. I wish I could give Larry Marmie this season and at least another year, but I can't help but wonder...
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    tim Guest

    Re: Fire Larry Marmie !

    This "Martz just hired his friend" thing is getting really really really - did i say really? - old. I'm not saying he is a good DC, or that this defense is any good at all, but MANY coaches bring in people they have worked with in the past. Sure it appears it wasn't a great decision, but you can't say he only got the job because him and Martz are "friends." He got the job because Martz thought he could build a good defense.

    Anyways, the defense is not improved like it appeared to be at the beginning of the year... it's frustrating.
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    jkramsfan Guest

    Re: Fire Larry Marmie !

    What Would Give Martz The Ideal That Marmie Could Build A Good Defense ? Do You Have Any Examples ?

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    Tony Soprano Guest

    Re: Fire Larry Marmie !


    You can bring in someone you've coached with, but it's the circumstances. Marmie should've been hired as a Linebackers coach. You don't hire a DEF COORD after they've been fired and have not produced great DEFENSES.


    I see your point, but this Defense should NOT be average. We've spent many High Draft picks on that DEF.
    The corner back issue IS difficult, but probably a third of the teams will have that problem during the season. Injuries are part of the game. I look at the Falcons and they have, compared to us, so many good DBs.

    As far as blitzing, I don't know.. I think the Rams have been focusing on stopping the run (due to our previous Problems) and the scouting report on us was to run to beat us. Then teams had success passing against us, and now (it's a copycat league) that's what we're going to see. They are going to pass us to death until we stop it.

    Part of this is frustration, but I just do NOT agree with the way the Rams have been doing things on DEF.
    The secondary coach from Green Bay (is it Schotenheimer), Green Bay's secondary has been absolutely terrible for years. I don't get the bringing in coaches that have failed in their previous assignment. What's the rationale behind .. Okay his secondary sucked in Green Bay, but we'll bring him in here and he'll light the world on fire?

    Marmie brought in two players from the Cardinals Defense (good players on the word of Marmie) and they were both cut before they played a down for us.

    The rest of the NFL (and we used to) gets a coach that's tearing up the league and his dept is at the top of the league. Think Marvin Lewis's Defenses, got a job in Cincy. Lovie Smith, Tampa's DEF was number 1. Bill Belichick had top Defenses for Bill Parcels. The same thing happens with coordinators.. A coach that has worked and studied under the Outstanding system and knows it inside and out, moves up into a coordinator's spot. I watch and record a lot of football and Green Bay's secondary had ranked with the worst in the league under Schottenheimer. I have a game on tape against Minnesota and almost every completed pass in a half went for a Touchdown. They didn't fare much better in the second half.

    The Cardinals have not been a good organization. They have been perennial cellar dwellars. The Cardinals decided to fire Marmie, yet he's good enough for us in St. Louis?

    Our Defense is a challenge. But, they did bring in Free Agents to fix the Defense and Lewis, Pickett, Kennedy, Hargrove, Tinoisomoa, and Archuleta are all HIGH Draft picks.

    How many selections (picks) did we use on DBs in this year's draft? We were supposed to fix this DEF in the
    Off-season. When you get blown out like we did, that's what happens. At what point during the year, do we say okay, we didn't correct the DEF. We moved things around, but we still can't compete against top teams

    This I know we have a highly suspect Defense, and what are we going to do about it?

    Many would get upset if I said cut this player or ditch this guy in the off-season from our DEF.. Then people get upset if you criticize the coaches. That's not reality we are fair-to- mediocre on DEF. Are we going in the right direction on D?


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    talkstoangels61 Guest

    Re: Fire Larry Marmie !

    Dont just stop ther add Mike Martz to the list to along with some of the players!

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    Re: Fire Larry Marmie !

    FIRE MARTZ & the whole band of idiots that call them self coaches, they have done nothing but produce an inept team, when the rams should be playoff caliber. These coaches look more confused with every game, they have no idea how to right the ship.


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