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    Firing the coach now won't help the Rams

    By Bryan Burwell

    SEATTLE There's a very logical reason the midseason firing of an NFL coach is almost as rare as the sight of a sliver of sunshine in a Pacific Northwest slate-gray sky.

    Firing pro football coaches in midstream solves absolutely nothing. The NFL isn't like baseball, basketball or any other endless season that can be salvaged with the prudent reshuffling of a coaching staff. By its rigid corporate structure with layers of coordinators and position assistants, unyielding rosters and 16-game schedule, you can't magically alter a football season's course by merely plucking out the man at the top of the coaching corporate ladder.

    Firing an NFL head coach in the midst of a regular-season disaster makes about as much sense as putting a bandage on a gunshot wound. It's a superficial PR move meant to pander to a disillusioned fan base. But it doesn't solve the greater problem of the flawed franchise. So despite some very credible network television rumors that were flying around Sunday that Rams management was seriously considering firing embattled Rams coach Scott Linehan because of the first 0-7 start in franchise history, it simply makes no sense to do it now.

    I don't doubt the credibility of veteran NFL information men like ESPN's Chris Mortensen and NBC/Sports Illustrated's Peter King. If they say it's going to rain elephants and monkeys over Lambeau Field next Sunday, bring an umbrella.

    But that doesn't change my belief that Linehan deserves the opportunity to finish what he started no matter how bad it might ultimately turn out. If team President John Shaw is considering this drastic move, he ought to think long and hard about it, because it won't fix what ails this team. Removing Linehan won't cure this dysfunctional offense, which is officially dead.

    If you believe Linehan's offense is the problem and who wouldn't after watching this lifeless showing in Sunday's 33-6 loss to the Seattle Seahawks firing him now won't change it, because the failed system is firmly in place.

    Even with Linehan gone, will it really function any smoother under the guidance of his young offensive coordinator, Greg Olsen? I think we already know the answer to that question.

    So here's how it should go: Shaw must sink or swim with the man he hired. Linehan deserves that much. I don't know if he'll be able to turn this thing around, because I strongly suspect that based on the efforts on the field by his offense, they have already stopped buying into his program. A year ago, Linehan looked like he had the magic touch. By the end of the '06 season, his offense was clicking with Linehan's run-emphasizing, ball-protecting philosophy that turned both quarterback Marc Bulger and tailback Steven Jackson into emerging NFL stars.

    Yet now, seven games into the 2007 season, everything has gone haywire and it sounds like Linehan is at a total loss for how to fix it. Watching his illogical play-calling Sunday was another adventure in head-scratching and eyebrow-raising for anyone who wonders what Linehan is thinking under those headsets.

    But unless Shaw knows that he can bring in some offensive magician who can merely snap his fingers and install a better offense that the players can learn overnight, the course of this season has been set.

    There's no question what the problem is with this winless bunch, and it clearly isn't on the defensive side of the ball. Watching the Rams' offense and defense play against the Seahawks was a revealing study in contrasts.

    When the defense was on the field (and it seemed like they were out there all day) it kept forcing the Seahawks into field goals no matter what bad situations the offense put them in.

    The defense kept flying around like it was a playoff game. During one particularly impressive defensive stop following another offensive turnover, you could see defensive coordinator Jim Haslett, assistant head coach Rick Venturi and defensive line coach Brian Baker practically leaping onto the field joining in the celebration with their fired-up troops.

    Meanwhile, the Rams offense sputtered and misfired all day long with bad blocking, dropped passes, very odd play-calling, missed assignments, sacks, interceptions and needless penalties.

    It was predictable failure compounded by lack of inspiration, aggravated by mind-numbing incompetence.

    "I feel like (the offense) really let (Linehan) down," said tight end Randy McMichael. "The defense stepped to the plate and we didn't and I'm not afraid to say it. ... We let our coach down. ... It's a shame that everyone's going to blame him, but we're not getting it done on

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    Re: Firing the coach now won't help the Rams

    Firing Linehan will not help the Rams...agreed, BUT DARN sure would make me happier Knowing this bumbling yutz will likely NEVER HC in the NFL is cold comfort that easies in part the disappointment.

    Fact is the Rams are not the Rams of 1990s and such a thing is not likely to be seen from the Rams in my life time. So if the Rams have to "find" themselves and it takes rebuilding well an early start is better then a late one. Its time to have a heart to heart talk with the team in general...and explain to them that there days are nearing an end to their career least the somehow prove they are worth getting a pay check

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    Milan Guest

    Re: Firing the coach now won't help the Rams

    Seems as though some Bears fans I've been talking to really want him as their OC.

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    Re: Firing the coach now won't help the Rams

    Quote Originally Posted by Milan View Post
    Seems as though some Bears fans I've been talking to really want him as their OC.
    Hey Milan. I have some land for sale in the everglades....and then maybe a bridge I am tired of.....

    Is that hear-say, third party info, or did you read it somewhere? Links, dude, we need links!!

    GO RAMS!!

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    Re: Firing the coach now won't help the Rams

    I'll trade them Linehan, Olsen, Klop and Frerotte for Lovie and Griese.

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    Re: Firing the coach now won't help the Rams

    Well firing the HC wont hurt the Rams or put them in any situation that is worse than the one we are stuck in now. Sorry. When an HC is garbage you throw him to the curb and keep moving. Period.

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    Re: Firing the coach now won't help the Rams

    Quote Originally Posted by Burwell
    Firing an NFL head coach in the midst of a regular-season disaster makes about as much sense as putting a bandage on a gunshot wound.
    Well which is worse, Bryan......putting a bandage on the wound or leaving the bullet in and hoping for the best?

    Look, I'm advocating neither the bye week retention nor firing of Linehan. I've got my opinion, but I don't think it adds anything to the debate. However, to say his firing would do nothing good.....I have to disagree.

    If Linehan has in fact lost the players, why continue the morale dump by leaving him in position? What message does that send to the veterans and rookies alike? If the lockerroom is convinced the system (and its creator) are failed, why should the front office tell the players, they (the FO) are committed to that failed system? That's not a show of faith in the coach, that's a vote of indifference to the players.

    NFL careers are short, as compared to front office executives. The FO may have the luxury of long-term goals, but valuable players won't wait around to win tomorrow, if there's a chance (be it symbolic or not) to win today.
    "Before the gates of excellence the high gods have placed sweat; long is the road thereto and rough and steep at first; but when the heights are reached, then there is ease, though grievously hard in the winning." --- Hesiod

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    Re: Firing the coach now won't help the Rams

    Quote Originally Posted by TekeRam View Post
    I'll trade them Linehan, Olsen, Klop and Frerotte for Lovie and Griese.

    I'll trade Linehan,Olsen,Klop and Frerotte to Chicago for a couple of deep dish pizzas,extra pepperoni.

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