Offense: C. Too many field goals. Period. To get that close and come up short is not acceptable. Those 6 field goals and the one missed could've easily been 7 TDs. Instead of enjoying a blowout by 30 points, we squeaked by and watched in amazement as our D stepped up and clinched the win with another interception. Was it just me or did Bulger look like he was sleep walking? I know he's not an emotional guy, but he looked very distant and out of it tonight.

Defense: A. Would've been an A+ even with the few big plays they gave up (which it's almost impossible to not let even the worst NFL team, much less one of the best, make a few big plays), but had a few too many big penalties at crucial times for my liking. Overall I was wowed by their defensive dominace, and didn't even mind the excessive celebration penalty (which was lame in my opinion) because it was great to see them so pumped up.

Special Teams: A. Jeff Wilkins does it again. Gotta love "Money" even though he missed the one 41 yarder. Turk looked good and even took one for the team to help clinch the victory. ST defense looked awesome and swarmed to the ball before the Broncos' return men even knew what hit them. Returns were vastly improved, and Reed looks like he's gonna be one heck of a returner. Kick/Punt Returns were exciting again...moreso than they have been in a LONG time.

Coaching Staff: Haslett A, Linehan C-, overall B-. We beat one of the best teams in football. It wasn't pretty, but even a lot of us were predicting a loss. A win is a win and deserves a decent mark. Play calling in the red zone needs improvement and Bulger needs to be awoken from the dream like state he was playing in tonight, and that's the coach's job to do.