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Thread: Fisher has strong words on officiating

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    Fisher has strong words on officiating

    R.B. FALLSTROM (AP Sports Writer) 22 minutes agoAP - Sports

    ST. LOUIS (AP) -- Jeff Fisher says officiating mistakes were the biggest reason the St. Louis Rams fell short in their bid for a second comeback victory in as many games. The Rams (1-1) had seven penalties for 53 yards in a 31-24 loss at Atlanta on Sunday.

    After reviewing tape Monday, their coach said he wasn't concerned about the penalties because only two made by referee Scott Green's crew should have been called. ''I was upset after the ballgame, but looking at the tape those are incorrect calls,'' Fisher said. ''There were some other instances where there should have been some things called against our opponent that were not called, that could have created some situations for us.''

    Among others, Fisher judged that twice-whistled rookie Stedman Bailey had proper technique on calls for illegal block above the waist and offensive holding on special teams.

    The call Fisher disliked most came on the third play of the game when defensive end Chris Long was penalized for offside after tackle Lamar Holmes moved. Fisher said it was an example of ''False Start 101.''
    Instead of third-and-17 and a chance to give rookie punt returner Tavon Austin a chance to take off, it was third-and-7. Matt Ryan hit Tony Gonzalez for an 11-yard gain and eight plays later they had the game's first score on an 8-yard pass to Steven Jackson.
    ''You get off the field, get the ball back,'' Fisher said. ''You're also talking about field position and a young punt returner that's not backed up with his heels on the 8-yard line. ''He's got a chance to put his hands on the ball.''

    Fisher also thought officials missed an intentional grounding call on the Ryan out of the end zone in the third quarter. The Falcons had seven penalties for 53 yards.

    Two calls Fisher thought the referees got right were holding on center Scott Wells in the third quarter and an illegal motion call on wide receiver Austin Pettis in the second quarter.

    Softening the critique slightly, Fisher added: ''By no means am I placing blame. I have great respect for the officiating department and the officials and work very close with them, and we move on.''

    The first Bailey penalty pushed the Rams back to their 11 in the second quarter, and the second one pushed them back to the 13. Fisher said those calls drove home the point not to rush to judgment ''unless I see the act.''

    The Rams erased an 11-point deficit against Arizona in the opener. They trailed 21-0 early at Atlanta and twice cut the gap to a touchdown in the second half after going to a no-huddle, spread offense. ''I think it made a pretty big difference,'' quarterback Sam Bradford said. ''It seemed to just put them on their heels a little bit.''

    So, there's no quit.

    ''We just eliminated the mistakes,'' tackle Jake Long said. ''We just calmed down and started protecting, Sam was flinging the ball around and it was a little too late.''

    Officiating was far from the lone culprit, with miscues canceling out big plays. Austin caught two touchdown passes, but dropped two passes and missed some other reads.

    ''I could have had some big plays but didn't,'' Austin said. ''So I blame myself for that. I will correct it, it is something that definitely will be corrected.''

    Daryl Richardson's dropped pass was intercepted and returned for a touchdown and Janoris Jenkins got burned for Julio Jones' 81-yard score. ''I took my eye off of it,'' Richardson said. ''I was looking to run and I need to make sure I eyeball that ball and catch it.''

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    Re: Fisher has strong words on officiating

    I think the blown false start was obvious to anybody watching. Unfortunate situation.

    The potential intentional grounding by Ryan absolutely should have been called. I watched a few replays and he was even with where the left guard lined up. Not even close to being out of the pocket. I don't know if this is challengable considering it might be difficult to tell if there is a receiver in the area but on this play, nobody was close and it should have been a safety. Big time bummer.

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    Re: Fisher has strong words on officiating

    It's about time a coach calls out the officials. Now that it is out there, they have to be less biased against us, or it will look like retribution, which can be called out even more.

    Sure the RAMS could have executed a better game to win, but why should they have the burden of playing a perfect game when their opponent doesn't have to?

    And as this game showed, even when the RAMS played "perfect" the officials made a bogus call (and I believe intentioally) to get our opponent out of a jam. The two that are key tome, in the RAMS losing this game were the false start that Long was flagged for off sides, and the saftey. That is 9 points the officials gave the Falcons, and the RAMS would have won by two with nothing else being impacted. And that doesn't even take into account the extra posession the RAMS would have had from the free kick. Imagine the difference in that game if the falcons' didn't score on that first drive. Maybe the RAMS play more of the run, and not trying to catch up, and maybe that deflected pass is a run instead, so that pick 6 gets wiped off the board, and the RAMS win by 8. Of course, that is speculation, so lets just go with the RAMS win by two because they got a safety, and the Falcons didn't score on their opening drive.


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    Re: Fisher has strong words on officiating

    I've never been a huge believer in the old "the referee/umpire screwed us" mentality. Certainly we've all bemoaned bad calls and they happen from time to time. Sometimes it hurts a team, no doubt. But the idea that these calls automatically will lead to a team winning or assuming they'll capitalize is nonsense. We lost Sunday because we spotted a good football team 21 points through stupidity and bad play. To call it anything else is to not be objective.

    Officiating goes both ways. The Rams have both benefitted from and been hurt by past calls like every other team in the league. At least in the NFL, the referee performances are strictly monitored and weekly grades given. They will be graded accordingly. I have no doubt several of these calls were questionable at best, and the refs will be addressed as such.

    Another point worth mentioning: When you're atop the league in penalties (as the Rams were last year), you're not going to be given the benefit of the doubt and will be scrutinized.
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    Re: Fisher has strong words on officiating

    Our offense gave up a TD to the opposing defense for the 2nd week in a row. Cut that out and we beat the Cardinals comfortably and we have a chance to beat the Falcons. Bad calls happen and there's nothing we can do about it. However to think because we were atop the league in penalties last season that we're not going to be given the benefit of the doubt? That's not an approach the referees are not going to take or will be allowed to take. They are graded/scrutinized during and after each and every game. It's a new season and the slate is wiped clean. They have to call them as they see them regardless of which team it is.

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    Re: Fisher has strong words on officiating

    as officials though it's their job to make the calls appropriately...

    sometimes they miss stuff they shouldn't...especially when it's right in front of them

    it's amazing really...i don't see that an official can miss a call right in front of them unless they truly are blind and should not be officiating

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    Re: Fisher has strong words on officiating

    Two cents I'd like to throw in... well 3 cents really

    1st cent, intentional grounding was ridiculously apparent and I was shocked it wasn't called.

    2nd cent, even if it was called, it would have been Falcons ball on the 1/2 yard line.. was not a safety.

    3rd cent: I will STILL take these refs twice a week over the replacement nightmare of the lockout
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