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    Fisher Interview with Randy K and D. Farr

    Coach Fisher joined Randy Karraker and D’Marco Farr on 101ESPN radio. He talked about what he likes about Tim Walton and the hiring process that they went through. Walton is familiar with the defense from his working in Detroit. There was a strong comfort level.

    * Discussion went to Titus claiming him they felt they would have a lot more time to get to know him, as compared to just a free agent visit. They ultimately felt it was best for them to go in another direction.

    * Looking forward to the development of the young WR’s where the most improvement often occurs between years 1 and 2. They will continue to look to upgrade the position.

    * Will be participating in free agency, they’ve identified some players they think can help. They will also be looking at the draft and be comparing it to what’s available in free agency to guide them in how they proceed.

    * QB play improved throughout the year…his play was directly affected by those around him. We’re pleased with what Sam did, he’s got an outstanding future. We need to improve the personnel around him.

    * Would like to have Steven Jackson and Danny Amendola back.

    Go To Fisher Radio Interview

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    My opinion, Jackson's staying.

    This " going to a contender" talk is really BS, because who knows who that is.

    Could be the Rams. He's not elite, and he needs to come to (personal) terms with that.
    I'm sixes - I really don't care either way.

    And I don't think Fish and Snead care either.

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