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    Fitz vs. Other Rookie QBs (Pretty Much What You'd Expect)

    Evaluating the performance of rookie QBs is difficult because, in most cases, rookie QBs who play, don't play very well. This year, four rookie QBs have at least 75 attempts. Here's how their stats break down:

    Charlie Frye, Cleveland
    88 attempts
    56 completions
    63.6 completion percentange
    620 yards
    3 TDs
    4 Ints
    76.9 passer rating

    Kyle Orton, Chicago
    354 attempts
    184 completions
    52.0 completion percentage
    1,810 yards
    9 TDs
    13 Ints
    59.9 passer rating

    Ryan Fitzpatrick, St. Louis
    135 attempts
    76 completions
    56.3 completion percentage
    777 yards
    4 TDs
    8 Ints
    58.2 passer rating

    Alex Smith, San Francisco
    120 attempts
    56 completions
    46.7 completion percentage
    585 yards
    0 TDs
    10 Ints
    26.6 passer rating

    So, don't be so surprised that Fitz isn't setting the world on fire like he did in his first outing. The good news is that Fitz is getting valuable experience in games that essentially don't matter. I still look at him as the frontrunner to be the Rams #2 next year and for several years to come.

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    Re: Fitz vs. Other Rookie QBs (Pretty Much What You'd Expect)

    The game is so much faster in the Pros than it is in college. Shoot, Aikman's first year the Cowboys went 1-15. Your head is on a swivel, you have D lineman who can run a 4.7 40, and the only hit harder you have ever taken was in the heart by a woman. However, the good ones have a steep and quick learning curve.


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