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    Fitzgerald earns right to play ahead of Martin

    By Jeff Gordon
    Sunday, Nov. 27 2005

    Well all know the Houston Texans are truly dreadful.

    At 1-10, they are racing toward first place in the Reggie Bush Race. They
    heading for a complete overhaul -- with a new, offensive-minded head coach
    (Mike Martz?) to be hired and the remarkable Bush waiting to be drafted first

    There is a lot wrong with that team. To blow a 24-3 halftime lead, at home,
    against the reeling Rams . . . well, that’s just awful.

    But enough of the legal disclaimer. Despite all the mitigating circumstances,
    rookie Rams quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick enjoyed an amazing afternoon.

    He announced to the Rams, and the rest of the NFL, that is an outstanding
    quarterback prospect. He is no more than that after one game, of course, but he
    is no less either.

    Fitzpatrick has a great arm, but the Rams have had plenty of young quarterbacks
    with great arms. Remember Kirk Farmer?

    He has a tremendous feel for the offense, but we were told that other
    youngsters had a great feel, too. Remember Joe Germaine?

    He is unusually intelligent, having played and studied in the Ivy League. He is
    highly mobile, an element the Rams have lacked since Trent Green suffered that
    catastrophic knee injury.

    All those elements are great. We saw them in training camp and we saw them in
    preseason play.

    But a lot of guys look great playing make-believe. The real games – even
    against woeful opponents – finally show what a quarterback can and cannot do.

    By rallying the Rams to their 33-27 victory at Houston, Fitzpatrick earned the
    right to finish out the season as the Rams quarterback, ahead of career back-up
    Jamie Martin.

    He earned the right to spend next season as Marc Bulger’s understudy, preparing
    to step in should Bulger go down again.

    We know Fitzpatrick will take some lumps from here on out this season. The Rams
    will play some very good teams down the stretch.

    Opposing defensive coordinators will game-plan against the rookie, disguising
    their coverages and devising ways to apply pressure on him. Given the state of
    the Rams offensive line, he will take some pops.

    Odds are, Fitzpatrick will cost the Rams a game or two this season by making
    rookie mistakes. He is a confident, aggressive quarterback – so he’ll likely
    put some passes into harm’s way.

    There is something there, though. His confidence is contagious. So is his calm.
    The guy was out there playing pitch and catch Sunday. He was smiling on the
    sidelines, the picture of relaxation.

    We’re more accustomed to seeing the deer-in-the-headlines look when a
    quarterback is setting his first real NFL action. Fitzpatrick never acted
    nervous. He never made a jittery play.

    Martz was right this time. He has raved about a lot of kids over the years,
    lathering up the unfortunate likes of Farmer and Travis Scott with hyperbole.
    Those guys were nothing more than camp fodder, regardless of what Coach said.

    But Fitzpatrick is different. He beat out Jeff Smoker for the No. 3 job, going
    away. Their “competition” wasn’t even close.

    Ryan showed enough in preseason play to excite Rams Nation. Once Bulger was
    eradicated for the second time – and once the Rams hit bottom at 4-6, losing to
    the Cardinals – fans clamored to see the kid play ahead of Martin.

    Once Martin went down with another concussion Sunday, we saw what the fuss was.
    Fitzpatrick just kept firing Sunday, even when all appeared lost.

    Torry Holt responded to him. So did Isaac Bruce, Shaun McDonald and finally
    Kevin Curtis. He oozed command out there. Fitzpatrick threw deep, with
    authority, and he was reasonably accurate on his intermediate throws too.

    So now we have a reason to watch the Rams play out their string this season,
    even if their playoffs hopes remain bleak. The Next One is in the house.

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    Re: Fitzgerald earns right to play ahead of Martin

    Rams win the next 5 behind Fitzpatrick, make the playoffs, and win the Super Bowl. Sound familiar...Brady anyone...

    I know I know only one game.....but its a nice dream...
    Rams Fan For Life:clanram: :clanram:

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    Re: Fitzgerald earns right to play ahead of Martin



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