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Thread: Fix The Stupid

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    Fix The Stupid

    Dear Coach Spags,

    I have watched both regular season Ram games this year and something has struck me like a brick upside the head. We need to fix the stupid. Let me be specific:

    In game 1, we had a huge turnover that effectively put us out of the game and was at least a 10 point swing. On top of that, we had numerous dropped passes, mis-tackles and 9 penalties!! Our red zone offense was a joke. Final score, 31-13. What would final score have been if we stopped the stupid? Granted, injuries hit us hard but we were still game. Really, we were.

    Game 2. National spotlight. First Monday night game since 2006. What happened? We laid the proverbial egg for all to see. Similar theme to first game although we did make some progress. But, once again we had huge turnover that was again at least a 10 point swing. Really? A lateral throw on 3rd and 7? We did do much better on d with front 7 and suppose we got what we could out of our mediocre secondary but there were still too many penalties, DX was amazing but he spent most of the time on sideline. We drafted a guy from Hawaii that was just not game time ready who fumbled a punt after a RARE 3 and out that eventually turned into a TD got the Giants. Where was Norwood, the savvy veteran? We totally outplayed Giants except we led big time in stupid plays and dare I say, coaching decisions. Example. We are down by 12 points with 6 minutes left. 4th down. We punted. Granted, we were deep in our own territory but no guts no glory. And the there is that snazzy lateral on 3rd down as well as having a rookie thrust into the national limelight while you had others that could handle punt return duties.

    Good news is we are in the NFC West. Even with our plethora of KEY injuries the game last night was there for the taking. We have talent, Our front 7 on d is pretty formidable. Our QB is up and coming. Fix the stupid and we might have a win streak in us yet. We can still win our division. Really, we can. FTS (Fix the stupid).

    Thanks for listening.

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    Re: Fix The Stupid

    very disappointed, we played like the LAMBS for the 2nd week in a row...

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    Re: Fix The Stupid

    There's a lot of stupid coming from Spags that he needs to fix himself. Actually, not so much stupid as it is pansy.

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