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    On the flip side...

    There're the people they've brought in.

    I recently posted a thread praising Devaney and Spags for having the foresight, (obviously IMO), to cut the players they did when they did.

    Here's who they've added. Again, (excepting Brown), this is only in the LAST YEAR!

    (Alphabetically), Amendola, Bajema, Brown, Butler, Carpenter, Diggs, Dockery, Feely, Fraley, Payne, and Robbins.

    Before you start, I'm aware we don't have a verdict on some of them, but that's not my point. You can play the "friends of" game, claim they're at "end of their career", and "are only back-ups" (in some cases) all you want, but one can argue they are ALL solid, if not huge, improvements at their positions. (Or at least great signings and good depth, Tex).

    None of 'em are pro bowlers, and none of them are going to significantly improve the team single-handedly, but as a collective, they will, and it is indicative of the approach management is taking, and it's all positive.

    To oversimplify, I feel we've gone from back-ups as starters and street agents as back-ups, to starters and back-ups. And I haven't referenced the last two drafts which still look very promising.

    Are there really still people who see no reason to be a little positive?
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    Re: On the flip side...

    Gotta have back-ups to push the rest of the team, and this team sure could use a shove at certain positions.

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    Re: On the flip side...

    I think it'd definitely at least an upgrade to the depth of the team and players who can (mostly) play for a longer time than those whom we have parted with. Further, they're players who are a better match for the schemes that we're playing than those whom we let go.
    I believe!

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    Re: On the flip side...

    I agree with you Vegas. I think Devaney and Spags were faced with an impossible situation and have done their best under the circumstances. The jury is still out on a lot of these guys plus recent draftees, but the roster is better than it was.

    Football is not like baseball- where a blockbuster trade or a dominant pitcher can put you over the top. You must build through the draft and through shrewd personnel acquisitions.

    I am still a believer in these two guys, but I also expect significant improvement in the won-loss column this year.

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