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    Atlas Guest

    Smile Fond Memories

    I was just taking a shower and reflecting on the resent years of football.

    I know the Titans lost ot the ravens, but i would have much prefered them losing to the Rams. At least they were a team that deserved to win. Not to mention, if the Titans lost to the Rams, it would have had to be at the Superbowl. And...MAN WAS THE 99 BOWL GREAT!! That game is still fresh in my mind. It's games like that that make me love football. Just great players playing great.

    And that Miami vs Jets game!! I had $30 on Miami and at the start of the forth quater, with the Jets down by 30 points, I was thinking to myself "easy money". Then the Jets had to go and come back and win....I just had to laugh!! It was GREAT!! Games like that make football the "new American Pasttime".

    And that Rams vs Falcons game. Three returns for a touchdown!!! IN A ROW!! GOD THAT WAS GREAT! The Rams ran a return almost 100 yards for a touchdown, seems like they did that a lot last year, and then Atlanta did the same. I thought to myself, TAKE THAT RAMS!!...then the Rams did it again. I just laughed and thought "I think they ****ed the Rams off." After seeing the final score, I think I was right.

    Just a few simple thoughts. I can't wait for the season to start so we can watch some REAL FOOTBALL!!!!


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    MaxQ Guest

    Ode to Atlas

    I just read this post for the first time and I have to say that it has changed my mind about Titans fans. I was pretty mad about all the smack that they were talking last season, but Atlas is a testament to good fans -- someone who respects an opponent and truly loves the game. It makes me sad to think about the Titans having such a bad season...Injuries heal and the Titans will be back and fighting strong. I would love to see those two teams in the big show again soon. What a great game that was.

    Thanks for the positivity Atlas.

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