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    Football thoughts from the Bash

    1. Chavous as a leader is NOT a good thing. With the exception of Bartell, the entire secondary has taken a step backwards. Did I say "step"? Maybe two steps........maybe two steps, a prominade, and a do-si-do. Hill, Atogwe, Wade, even Brown....actually look worse than before. Maybe Brown is on the backside of his career, but youngsters like Hill, Atogwe & Wade should be moving up, right?

    If Chavous really is the lockerroom leader than many say he is, I have to conclude he leading the secondary (maybe more) in the WRONG direction.

    2. I think Glover is getting too many snaps (sorry, no numbers to go with this; just speaking qualitatively). IMO, Glover will contribute more with 20-25 snaps a game than 45-50 snaps a game. The future is Carriker, UT and Ryan, NT. Why has Haslett gotten away from that?

    3. You can actually see Long getting better with each snap. He appears (to me at least) to be getting more and more comfortable with his role and position. And comfort with the basics added to ambition to improve can lead to position mastery. I'm certain Long has the latter, it appears he is gaining the former.

    4. Adeyanju appears to be filling the swingman position (think Tyoka Jackson) quite well. For a 4th round pick, he is coming along nicely.

    5. It has to be obvious to the O-line that Bulger has no faith in them. Which leads to a perpetual problem when dealing with certain personalities. Without a personal pride to motivate (which certainly has to be a question with some on this roster), the lack of confidence from another will only lead to more of the same effort. That is to say, "if he doesn't think I can do it....screw him. I WON'T do it; that'll learn him." Know what I mean?

    6. Will someone inform Jackson that he is as large as most LBs, and bigger than every DB? He gets to the corner, but runs up the back of his WR blocking. What? Cut that back in and plow that safety! He shuffles in the backfield waiting for a hole. It ain't gonna open, my man. Square your shoulders and get what you can. At the very least, 235 moving forward will make a defender think more than 235 moving laterally.

    7. There are no wheels on the field at WR? Wait, HUb, that's not true.....Burton and Avery are both burners! Yea, but they're not on the field, are they?

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    Re: Football thoughts from the Bash

    Good post.

    I agree about Burton and Avery. In fact, given this team's prospects, they should be the #s 2 and 3 WRs by midseason. Now's a good time to get on the job experience. It will pay off next year.

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    Re: Football thoughts from the Bash

    The ease with which Jackson goes down is disturbing. DB's are taking him down by themselves- he needs to toughen it up.

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    Re: Football thoughts from the Bash

    I think Jackson is trying to make too many plays. He knows that the offense isn't going anywhere so he is trying to make all the big plays. Instead of lowering his head and plowing into the tackler, he is looking for a hole that isn't there, so he can hit a "home run". I think the offensive line has something to do with it also. The year that Jackson had that break out year, the offensive line was good. Now it can barely open a hole. He isn't trusting them to make the holes for him to run downhill.

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