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    Forensic Mob Analysis ( RAMS 05')

    I traveled to see the game today and here is my analysis:

    Marmie: This guy has done nothing and he'd be unemployed if he hadn't coached with Martz before. I love Martz but he made an unbelievable goof here. After beating Marmie Defenses over and over it amazes me that Martz would still hold him in such high regard.
    The L-0-N-G runs by San Diego were mirror images of last year when the FALCONS set NFL records by having multiple backs run UNTOUCHED. The same thing today different backs on SanDiego ran untouched for 50+ yards. Get used to it. Good Running teams will dominate the Rams and I'm predicting (hold me to it) that Marmie is fired after this season.

    92 Damione Lewis - Why is this guy on the roster? He can't play the run YET he doesn't generate any pass rush from the DT position. Maybe he can play DEF END, but he can't play TACKLE. I've watched many teams and much game tape over the years and I'm convinced an UNDRAFTED Free Agent DT would work out better for the Rams. Run-stuffers are not that hard to find, one that can generate a pass rush is entirely another matter, but Lewis can NOT do that anyway.

    31 - Adam Archuleta - this guy really looks like he's playing out of position. He's tentative and reacting late, I don't think this guy has the ball instincts (and pass coverage) to play FREE safety. Of course, he's played great for us prior to 2004, but that was as SS and many times he played close to the line like a LB.

    51 - Claiborne - Claiborne made a couple plays, but I think he's overrated. Remember TWO very poor DEFENSES (DETROIT and MINNESOTA) thought he couldn't contribute to their teams and they showed him the door. The arguement I've seen here for the last 5 months was that the 2 New Linebackers were going to solve our Running DEFensive woes. I knew that was not the truth, in part, the DL gets Zero penetration inside. Claiborne is mediocre in my opinion. He tipped a pass and made some plays I know, but he was caught out of postion and think he's a liability in the passing game.

    91 - Leonard Little - Little dominates and it's too bad he gets NO suppport. He's a Stud on a weak DEF with a terrible DEF COORD.

    CB - Dejuan Groce - Played good. Looked good stayed with his man and adjusted well to the ball.

    RIGHT TACKLE - ORT is MAJOR PROBLEM. Why can't we fix the RT problem. How long has this lingered? Why do the Rams constantly think Journeymen Linemen will overachieve and be able to perform at a high level. This is really worrisome that this team has tried so many options and RIGHT TACKLE and they all seem to be SEVERE miscalculations. It's too early to tell on Barron, but it was an error to think this guy (that the Ram's have admitted his bad technique) would be able to handle the starting job this year. Barron is also a weak run blocker and that's a primary job of a RIGHT TACKLE.

    Bulger got hit early and often and the Ram's quickly (why is anyone suprised?) had Faulk and Jackson slide over to block and help out the ORT. Of course, this makes us easier to defend by taking Faulk and Jackson out of the Passing game. How wise is to repeated use Jackson as a blocker (with his value).

    75 - OG - Clyde Terrell - I like this guy and he can run block. I think he brings a nice physical presence. He'll be learning, but he's going to help our running game.

    WR's - Everyone knows we have one of the best (if NOT, the BEST) wide receiver groups in the NFL. These guys have to be frustrated with the OL.

    Bulger needs blocking. He knows the system and has a great game presence, but is he going to get busted up??
    He's gotta be wondering about this perpetual ORT issue. Other teams do not struggle to find a ORT year after year. It eludes us somehow.

    Jackson - the Real Deal. He's gifted and tough. He'd run for 2,000 plus easy with a good RUN blocking O-line.
    He's a Star.

    Martz - I love Martz, he's an offensive genius, but there's an outside chance that Marmie gets him fired at year's end. We have way too much talent - Bulger, Curtis, Holt, Bruce, Jackson, Faulk, etc to let one position cripple the team. And it's happened to Martz and the Rams before. They let our starting RT walk to the Titans and told everyone John St. Clair was going to be able to handle it. You can finds scars on Warner and Bulger as a testament to that collossal failure.

    It's possible the Front office (GM) is going against Martz, but it doens't read like that it seems Martz gets what he wants if he makes enough noise.

    Summary: We are looking at a LONG year this year and what a shame. We brought in two aging Linebackers (I do like Coakley) and left everything else alone including the system that was exposed. Inexcusable really considering how badly ATLanta ran over and through are defense. It's mind-boggling to think that two veteran linebackers being forced away from their teams could be the answer to such glaring weaknesses.

    Unless Barron steps up big and surprises the Football world, our O-line will struggle and the offense (A GREAT OFFENSE) will be totally hamstrung.. We'll score plenty of points but they will the come-from-behind variety. Like today, their Starters versus our starters it was 0-17, and our offense was largely playing catch up.

    I don't see Jackson getting the type of running block he should be getting. He's great but he can't do it himself. He'll get his share, but he may get injured running into brick walls too. Teams will take advantage of our O-line and come from all directions. Pray for Bulger's health.

    Good Running teams will foam at mouth when they see us on their schedule. They'll wear us down and break long runs and the DEFense will play on their heels and the score will reflect that.

    Martz's Game planning and ingenuity will win us some games, but better teams will seek out the aforementioned weaknesses and exploit them repeatedly.

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    Re: Forensic Mob Analysis ( RAMS 05')

    Great Points

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    Re: Forensic Mob Analysis ( RAMS 05')

    I agree with just about everything said.

    A couple extra points...

    I bought an Archuleta jersey before he had even officially made the team a few years back. Loved the guy the first couple years....He has become a liability. He is not a Free Safety. You can't just switch guys around like that. He was a linebacker, which has enough similarities to Strong Safety that it wasn't that much of a stretch, but this will not work. I'm not even sure he should be the Strong Safety. Maybe the backup to OJ or some other rookie.

    The Chargers are a solid well balanced team and hopefully just more ahead in terms of where they are at this point in pre-season. They look like they are in mid-season form and the rams are in the first week of pre-season. I hope for the Rams sake they are a team headed for big things, cuz that was damn ugly out there today. (not sure how to explain Green Bay spanking them last week?) Charger fans were pumped up and there was a lot of energy at that home-opener. No excuse for Rams poor play though.

    Leonard Little.... Keep him, scrap the rest.

    Summary: Same old issues. Special teams, Defense, and Offensive line.

    Defense/special teams:
    Bears game = OK.
    Chargers game = terrible.

    Hopefully they are somewhere in the middle and we'll see something in the middle vs. Detroit Monday night.

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    Re: Forensic Mob Analysis ( RAMS 05')

    Forensic mob analysis: I like how you ask for a disection.Ya the Rams looked like frogs tonight,but I really think they will turn it around bigtime.

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    Re: Forensic Mob Analysis ( RAMS 05')

    The Archuleta position switch has me scratching my head. Adam is FAR from being a cover safety, his career INT total of 2 proves that. He is strong in run support, and just barely good enough covering the pass to play SS.

    The only thing I can think of is maybe they are trying to protect him from contact? I heard he has a back problem or some thng like that? I forget what it was, anyway, that's the only thing I can think of as to why they would switch him to FS.

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    Re: Forensic Mob Analysis ( RAMS 05')

    Quote Originally Posted by sbramfan
    The Chargers are a solid well balanced team and hopefully just more ahead in terms of where they are at this point in pre-season.
    Keep in mind that this year, the Chargers are returning all starters from last season's 12-4 playoff team, and I think the only starters from last year's team that weren't starting today were Gates and Jacques Cesaire. The Rams have new starters at..

    HB - Jackson
    LG - Terrell
    RT - Tucker/Willig/Barron
    TE - Williams
    RDE - Hargrove
    DT - Kennedy
    OLB - Coakley
    MLB - Claiborne
    CB - Groce
    SS - Carter

    They were also without Adam Timmerman and Ryan Pickett today.


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