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    RamsFan16 Guest

    Re: Frazier gets warm reception

    Fraziers warming up on me, but Spags is still my top choice.

    I want a HC whose going to be intense, and lead an aggressive team, full of intensity and emotion.

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    Re: Frazier gets warm reception

    Quote Originally Posted by HUbison View Post
    As do I, sir. As do I.

    I really get a good feeling from this guy. He starts a college program from (literally) nothing. Turns that nothing into a championship program. Makes progress with the Eagles secondary, then the Bengals defense. Then after being released from the Bengals (still wondering about what happened there), Tony Dungy hand picks this guy to work with the Colts. They win a Super Bowl and he goes on to lead the Defense in Minny. I really think this guy could be the next Tony, I'm not going to go overboard yet. But I think he could do some good things with the Rams.

    Again, I feel good about the finalists, and I'd be okay with most of them as the Coach. But I really think Frazier (w/ Devaney) could right this boat.
    With the Bengals defense, Frazier made significant strides with them, and I think was fired as a sacrificial lamb to save Marvin Lewis' job. Between 2003 and 2004, Frazier was able to get the Bengals defense to go from 28th to 19th in yards allowed and up to 3rd in the NFL in takeaways(36, up from 24 in '03).

    Under Dungy and the Colts he lead the defensive backs and improved their pass defense from 15th to 2nd in the NFL in 2006, and won the Super bowl. I'd say part of the reason why the Colts were worse against the run that year was because Frazier got them better at defending the pass.

    He then took the promotion to run the defense of Minnesota after Tomlin left, and again built up a better pass defense unit while inheriting a very strong run defense. My only hope is that he learned something from the Williams boys about run defense, as we could certainly use it.

    Of the Rams Final three, Frazier's definitely my pick. Ryan and Haslett are the others in my three.

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    Re: Frazier gets warm reception

    Frazier or Haslett, one or the other. They are now my two preferred choices. Make that my only two choices.

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    SFCRamFan Guest

    Re: Frazier gets warm reception

    With Haz out, not that I wanted him back anyway, I hope that this vaults Frazier into the preferred and hired status...

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    Re: Frazier gets warm reception

    The more I learn about him the more I like. If he's named the next guy, it's fine with me. I think we got some good candidates we've been interviewing. I said I just hope we bring in several guys, and we've done that.
    The only one I really would question would be Jason Garrett. He's a fine OC and all, but #1 We are looking for a defensive guy, and #2 the way the Cowboys collapsed, especially on offense, makes me wonder a bit.

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    Re: Frazier gets warm reception

    Quote Originally Posted by Azul e Oro View Post
    Indy's HC job was given to Caldwell as part of Dungy's extension so there was a ceiling there that he couldn't break through. Caldwell was GM Polian's guy as well as a fav of QB Manning so no insult/criticism implied,I would guess, and the move from DB coach/asst HC to Dungy to DC @ Minn was a move up the coaching foodchain as well.

    Apparently he impressed the Minn folks because he was given the greater administrative responsibility/exposure to the HC job after a year there also.

    The reasons why he was let go in Cincy are mysterious but it has to be noted that The Bungles are one of the few NFL teams run without a pro GM ( quick: name the others) so he simply may not have got on with owner Mike Brown.The Cincy D got better while he was there & deteriorated after he left so...

    For those who have misgivings about the guy's quiet demeanor as perhaps representing someone who lacks the fire/aggressiveness of the other candidates, consider the fact that he has consistently improved takeaways-a lot of 'em returned for TDs at every stop in his career,inc Cincy.

    Watching Haz deck a player on the sidelines was fun but I'd rather have a coach who prepares his players so well that they are in position to smack the opposition in the mouth by killing drives with picks and even turning them into points. Substance over style.

    Thanks for clearing it all up for me. I feel a lot happier now because media reports seem to be pointing towards Frasier being our guy. He does seem to have a pretty good CV so I'd be more than happy if he gets the job.

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