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    Freddie R. on the Dline ..

    Fred Robbins Blogs About Dline
    August 17, 2010

    Im definitely starting to get in the swing of things here. Its much quieter than New York, a lot more laid back like when I was in Minnesota. Theres a lot less media and a lot less city life. I love it. New York was cool, I had some good times there, but this is a nice change of pace and I feel good where I am right now.

    Being in New York, you get used to the media attention after a while. You come to expect more hype around everything. Anything that happens, positive or negative, gets blown up because of the media attention. Around here, something real drastic has to go on for the media to jump on it.

    We had our first preseason game and it shows we have a long way to go. We did some good things, we did some bad things but they are easily correctible. We have three more preseason games to clean up a few wrinkles and we should be good to go.

    The Rams are definitely going to win games, thats why I came here. The first goal is to go out there and compete and play hard each and every week, develop consistency as a team. Right now were not where we want to be and we have to work on it every day. This is a good young team with solid players, but sometimes young guys need to learn how important it is to work consistently.

    The young guys on the D-line ask me a lot of questions and I try to help them with answers from my perspective. These guys have worked hard all off-season, theyve put in the work and everyone is dedicated to improving on where we finished last year. As long as guys are willing to come in and do the work week after week, things are going to get better and were going to have fun.

    George Selvie is a guy we drafted and hes really stood out on the D-line. He has a few wrinkles to iron out but he gets better every day. He has a great work ethic and asks questions when were watching film or out on the field during practice. A lot of times young guys come in with raw talent and raw ability but I can point them in the right direction technique wise, running the defense and things of that nature.

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    Re: Freddie R. on the Dline ..

    Dear Mom and Dad,

    Summer camp has been great. I've made a bunch of new friends. The counselors have been pretty nice so far, for the most part. Can't wait to see you again, and thanks for the cookies!


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