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    Free Agent Prognostication

    Here is my prophesy on where guys end up.

    Jake Long - Detroit -
    Why - lots of teams neeed LT, but none have the explosive weapons that the Lions do, or the money invested in it. They will pay the price to bring a home town boy back home.

    Eric Winston - Miami
    Why? He went to school there, and they have to get at least a name to replace Long. WHy not a guy pretty well knoen and revered as a Hurricane.

    Sebastien Vollmer - Houston
    Why? Again, a team that already has almost everything in place on offense, with a big need at RT. Oh, and Vollmer came from Germany to Houston to start his college career.

    Sam Baker - St Louis
    Why? Coached by Paul Boudreau in Atlanta, and if he has injury questions, why did he play 16 games in 2012? Versatility a plus, and his price, though steep, will be worth it to the Rams.

    Mike Wallace - Seattle
    Why, because they have all the money in the world, and are only a stud receiver away from a Super Bowl shot. Seattle loves the big splash, and other teams that have, like the Jets, don't have the dough this year.

    Greg Jennings - Miami
    Why? The have good weather, could be called the UN Green Bay, and have the money, and the need, and have a young QB that needs reliable target.

    Steven Jackson- Denver
    They all point to Atlanta, but if he really wants to carry the load, I think John ELway will make it happen. He's a perfect fit, can protect Manning, and won't be cost prohibitive now or long term.
    Jackson will pick a cool place to live on his final deal, along with a SB favorite. Also closer to his Vegas home.

    Louis Delmas - St louis
    Why -With Mikell cut, it's a cinch the Rams sign a free safety, and this one is very gifted, and played for the Rams new DC.
    Dashon Golston - Arizona
    Why? Huge need, with Wilson cut, and they weaken a division foe by overpaying.

    Reggie Bush - Detroit
    Why? Just a perfect match, as they outbid the Cardinals.

    Martellus Bennett - Chicago
    Why? Huge need.

    Jared Cook - St Louis
    Why - Played for Fisher, and exactly fits need. Second biggest target for Rams after OT, maybe even first. Backup plan would be Dustin Keller, who played for OC Shotty.

    Darrell Revis - San Francisco
    Why? They lose Golston, and have the money and the extra draft picks to do a deal, and they are NFC, where the Jets prefer him to go.

    Andy Levitre - San Diego
    Why? He's a California kid, and they need OL BADLY. They'll go after a tackle in round one (Lane Johnson?)

    Paul Kruger - Washington
    Why? Daniel Snider is not gonna let an off-season go by without a splash. Kruger is a great fit to add double digit sacks.

    Clif Avril - Dallas
    Why? Dallas sure to add defensive help.

    Ahmad Bradshow - Arizona
    Why? Huge need, and RBs love the real grass.

    Barry Waller

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    I don't see Wallace ending up in Seattle.

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    Re: Free Agent Prognostication

    An off-season of Baker, Delmas, and Cook would make me one happy Rams fan... then all we'd need is a WR, OLB, and another Safety in the draft.

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    Re: Free Agent Prognostication

    With Mikell cut, it's a cinch the Rams sign a free safety
    It seems to me with Dahl NOT cut (actually he's a free agent, but you know what I mean), it's a cinch the Rams sign a free safety. With Mikell cut, now there's a need for an in-the-box safety.

    Baker, Delmas, Cook? Sounds good to me.

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    Re: Free Agent Prognostication

    I like the Jared Cook prediction....

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    Re: Free Agent Prognostication

    Can't see the Rams signing all three of those free agents. Wishful thinking.

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    Re: Free Agent Prognostication

    I'd prefer Glover Quin to Louis Delmas myself, but we'll just have to see what happens. I'm mostly just curious/excited to see who the Rams end up signing.

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    Re: Free Agent Prognostication

    The Lions just drafted Riley Reiff who I believe they would like to use at left tackle. Not sure they spend big bucks on Jake Long.

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