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    Frerotte is armed and ready to roll

    By Bill Coats
    Friday, Sep. 28 2007

    As the Rams' backup quarterback, Gus Frerotte asks only this of starter Marc
    Bulger: "I tell him all the time, 'If you don't think you can go, just lie down
    and give me some time to get loose.'"

    Understandably, Frerotte needs a few extra throws on the sideline these days to
    get his 36-year-old right arm warmed up. And with Bulger playing with a couple
    of broken ribs and a banged-up knee, Frerotte is keeping a close eye on his
    colleague. "I know if he's hurt or not," Frerotte said.

    Coach Scott Linehan is giving Frerotte extra snaps with the first team in
    practice this week, just in case. "Just a couple," Frerotte stressed. "Mostly
    of it's mental reps, and that's the hard part for a backup, not getting the
    practice time to get those quality reps in. But that's what you're paid to do,
    come in cold and do the job."

    Frerotte was the backup to Daunte Culpepper at Minnesota in 2003 and 2004, when
    Linehan was the Vikings' offensive coordinator. In 2005 in Miami, where Linehan
    filled the same position, Frerotte started 15 games. "I've been in and out of
    this role," Frerotte said. "It doesn't bother me."

    Overall, Frerotte has started 79 NFL games for five teams in his 14-year
    career. A less-experienced No. 2 might need more work in a similar situation,
    Linehan said.

    "You'd have to give him more snaps," he said. "Gus has been doing this for so
    long and ... he's been in this position a number of times. He knows he has to
    prepare. He knows what's going on. He knows where Marc (Bulger) has been with
    his injury."

    Even when the starting quarterback is completely healthy, Frerotte prepares
    throughout the week with the understanding that one play could shove him into

    "You get ready to go, because you never know when that play's going to happen,"
    he said. "It could happen at any time, and you're going to have to go in and
    play. So you prepare the same no matter what."

    Frerotte got into one game last season, his first with the Rams, when Bulger
    was shaken up before halftime against San Francisco. Frerotte completed one of
    three passes, but it was a crucial play. His 27-yard strike to wideout Kevin
    Curtis that led to a field goal on the last play before intermission in a 20-17
    Rams win.


    Guard Richie Incognito (ankle) did more demanding work in individual drills but
    again was held out of the "team" session. "I'm not going to count him out" for
    Sunday's game at Dallas, Linehan said. ... Linehan, a quarterback at Idaho, was
    with the Cowboys during the offseason in 1987 but failed a physical exam
    because of a shoulder injury and never made it to training camp. ... Fox's Nick
    Gianino is the Rams' high school coach of the week. The Warriors upended
    previously unbeaten Festus 18-14 on Friday.

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    Re: Frerotte is armed and ready to roll

    I like this guy and have every confidence in him under centre.

    Notice though how he didn't qualify his performance with " If only coach will get me fired up before the game" or " If only coach would get us prepared" or "If only coach will get his ass out of his head, throw caution to the wind, ensure we have no turnovers, no injuries, no mental blanks, no slips, no slops, no slaps and furthermore guarantee that the team opposite have no intention of winning the ball game".

    I think we'd all be delighted.

    Maybe, just maybe he realises that players are paid to play.
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