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    Frerotte Enjoys Mentor Role

    Friday, May 5, 2006

    By Nick Wagoner
    Senior Writer

    Officially, Gus Frerotte will be known in St. Louis as the Rams’ backup quarterback. Unofficially, though, his role on this year’s team will be much greater.

    “I'm sure he feels like he is one of the assistant coaches out there,” coach Scott Linehan said. “He knows what I am going to want. He knows what I am going to watch, he knows what I am going to say about something. He is wearing another hat, but his role is to be our backup quarterback. He started nearly 80 or 90 games in the NFL now, so we know what he can do, and that if something ever happens to Marc (Bulger) he could step in.”

    When the Rams chose Linehan as their new head coach early in the offseason, it became apparent that certain things on offense would change. No position has a deeper learning curve than quarterback.

    With that in mind, Linehan handpicked Frerotte, who played for him in Miami last year and in Minnesota the two seasons before, to come to St. Louis to serve as a mentor for the team’s three other signal callers.

    In addition to his normal quarterback duties, Frerotte has made himself readily available to Bulger, Ryan Fitzpatrick, Jeff Smoker and any other offensive player with questions about Linehan’s offensive ideas. Essentially, Frerotte doesn’t just feel like he is one of the assistant coaches, he actually is one, even if it isn’t official.

    “That’s what I think I am sometimes,” Frerotte said. “But I guess I still get to come out here and throw the ball unlike the other coaches. It’s a lot of fun. I am lucky to be here and glad to be in St. Louis.”

    Frerotte’s unselfish approach to the game has made for a long and well-traveled career. At 34, Frerotte is entering his 13th season with his seventh team. In that time, Frerotte has bounced between starter and backup with nary a word of complaint.

    For his career, Frerotte has racked up 18,093 passing yards and 95 touchdown passes for a rating of 75.3. He has started 79 games and played in 127. In that time, Frerotte played the Rams four times with his best outing coming in 1999 as a Lion, a game in which he threw for 209 yards and a pair of touchdowns. After spending time in recent years as a backup, Frerotte emerged as Linehan’s starter in Miami last year.

    Frerotte had something of a renaissance in starting 15 games while posting 2,996 yards and 18 touchdowns. After finishing the year with a flourish (including a 360-yard game against New England), Frerotte thought he might be brought back to the Dolphins for another year.

    “It is kind of weird,” Frerotte said. “”I thought I’d be in Miami again, but they just didn’t step up to the plate.”

    With few starting opportunities available to him, Frerotte considered offers and interest from the Rams, Dolphins and Broncos. But in the end, it was his ties to Linehan that landed him in St. Louis.

    “I followed Scott,” Frerotte said. “I am going to go with somebody I know and trust and who knows me. It’s a good fit.”

    Frerotte inherits the role formerly held by Jamie Martin, a role that has gotten some serious action in the past two seasons because of shoulder injuries to Bulger. Frerotte’s desire to follow Linehan was certainly a mutual feeling.

    “When you add a new system you like to fit players within that system,” Linehan said. “I think the criteria for bringing the new players in was yeah, we wanted players first, but we also wanted some leadership to go with that. I think we have done that.”

    Frerotte has wasted no time in showing his leadership abilities. At the team’s first minicamp, he was constantly answering questions and helping his fellow quarterbacks with some of the intricacies of what Linehan’s system requires.

    “Scott and I have known each other for a long time and I am really comfortable in the offense,” Frerotte said. “To be able to help the young guys, that’s what I am doing here. And it’s a lot of fun doing that.”

    And Frerotte understands exactly what Linehan is looking for on offense.

    “It’s attack,” Frerotte said. “It’s an aggressive offense. He likes to put the pressure on the defense and look for the weak links. If their line is a weak link then we are going to run the ball. If the secondary is weak, we’ll throw it. We will have a good matchup. By the end of the season, we are going to have a pretty even run to pass ratio, but we are going to look to make big plays in the passing game.”

    Whether or not Frerotte is the one actually making those big plays is of little importance to him so long as they are happening.

    “I’ll be supportive of Marc and if something happens, I’ll be ready to play,” Frerotte said

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    Re: Frerotte Enjoys Mentor Role

    this could work out beautifully

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    Re: Frerotte Enjoys Mentor Role

    lets just hope he doesnt have to get on the field! come on Bulger!!!!! STAY HEALTHY!!!!

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    Re: Frerotte Enjoys Mentor Role

    He has to be one of the best backups in football!

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    Re: Frerotte Enjoys Mentor Role

    If god forbid something happens to Bulger, Frerrotte should be capable of taking over the reins and winning some games for us.


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