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    Friday Afternoon--Wagoner

    Friday, January 20, 2006

    - The emails have been coming fast about the choice of Scott Linehan as the Ramsí new head coach. Some of you have questioned how wise it was to hire another offensive coordinator as the lead man when there are so many holes to patch up on the defense. Others are thrilled that the team appears to have put in the time and effort to find the best guy for the job regardless of background.

    - My initial impressions of Linehan after meeting him briefly and listening to him speak are good. He seems to be a family-oriented, genuine type that wonít hesitate to get emotional when the situation calls for it. Based on conversations I have had about him, he is also not afraid to take charge and be the fiery type of leader that all head coaches must be at some point or another.

    - It doesnít make much sense for anyone to pass judgment on any new coach the day he is hired. I know many people wanted the Rams to hire a coach with a defensive background. But looking at it objectively, how much sense would it make to pass on a better coach to take a guy simply because his background is in defense? The head coach of a football team is supposed to be a leader. Itís his job to delegate power, manage people and make important decisions that affect the whole team. Sure, Linehan will call the plays and has more of a background in offense, but look at the recent history of coaches that have won the Super Bowl. I donít see many on the list that started with a defensive background. The fact is it doesnít matter where the coach got his start if he is good at what he does and he is able to put together a solid staff.

    - Linehan has made it clear that his first objective is to do just that, put together a strong staff of capable people. He wants to attack on both sides of the ball and special teams. By bringing in a good defensive coordinator, Linehanís staff will be off to a good start. Someone like Jim Bates would get some momentum going and could carry over to the rest of the staff. In any business anywhere in the world, good people attract other good people. Linehan seems like the type to attract good people.

    - There seems to be plenty of excitement at Rams Park about the coaching change, but itís fair to say that many are cautiously optimistic. There are plenty of young coaches being hired around the league right now so itís best to take the wait and see approach before anything can be determined about any of them. One thing I do know, though, is that the people in charge of finding this coach put in a lot of work and effort into getting the guy they felt were best for the job. Linehan is young, sure, but he seems ready and willing to take on the challenge.

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    Re: Friday Afternoon--Wagoner

    I totally agree with him on this and I most of us do here
    I really hope we can get bates and Ill really be happy


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