Friday At Rams Park: Turley still with team, Barron moved to 2nd unit
By Jim Thomas
Of the Post-Dispatch
Friday, Jun. 03 2005

* Just a month after being named the team's starting right tackle by
Martz, first-round draft pick Alex Barron was relegated to the second unit
Friday. Barron apparently is overwhelmed with the complexities of the Rams'
offense and the switch to right tackle (he played mainly on the left side in

Blaine Saipaia got the snaps with the No. 1 offense in team drills at right

"This is my decision," Martz said. "Alex hit a wall and went backwards here a
few days ago. He just got overwhelmed. What happened with him is we only had a
couple of tackles in the OTAs (organized team activity). He was taking every
snap, and I think he just kind of got on overload there a little bit.

"You just get so overwhelmed that you can hardly function. You get locked up.
That's kind of where he is. We'll let him regroup and catch his breath
somewhat, and then we'll put him back in the fire and see where he is."

* Martz said the team is awaiting medical reports before taking any
final action on tackle Kyle Turley.

"I don't know where we are with his physical and the (medical) report," Martz
said. "I would refer you to Jay (Zygmunt) on the status of where Kyle is

Zygmunt, the team's president of football operations, declined to comment

But the overall outlook on Turley hasn't changed. Once the reports are in,
Turley is expected to be released with the added designation of "failed
physical." And that could take place next week. Turley missed the entire 2004
season with a back injury. Turley's locker has been cleaned out since before
the team's rookie minicamp five weeks ago.

* Safety Adam Archuleta, who ended the '04 season with a herniated
disc in his back, was cleared to participate in minicamp practices and took
part in both workouts Friday.