Head Coach Scott Linehan
Friday, November 24

(On today’s practice) “It was good. I’d like this weather to keep up because it’s nice to be outside. We could use the room. Makes things go real smoothly to be able to utilize the room we have out here. I think our guys know enough’s enough. I wouldn’t be surprised if we didn’t give a great effort.”

(On if G Adam Timmerman will play Sunday) “He’s probable. He felt much better today even than yesterday. He’s good to go.”

(On Timmerman’s injury) “I think it was just more of a pain thing that he had from just being able to play with. I don’t think it’s anything we really need to protect or anything.”

(On how the team’s work week carries into Sunday’s game) “I think if you could figure that out you would probably never, ever lose. I think a lot of it is just…when you get humbled, and we got humbled last week, I think the pride and the competitor in everyone comes out. I certainly think that’s the way we came out this week as far as our emotional level and those kinds of things.”

(On getting the response he was looking for from the team) “I’ve said it, and I will always say it. Our character’s excellent. Our guys take full responsibility for mistakes or for things that didn’t go right, and they put a lot of effort into correcting those mistakes. I think that’s really been the focus, on top of just having our emotional state ready to go. I would be surprised if we weren’t charged up, ready to go this week.”

(On having excuse-makers on the team) “I would be surprised if there was. I’d be disappointed if there was. That’s the thing that’s going to get us through; the accountability thing I always talk about. We all have to take accountability, and then turn our focus into what’s going to make it better and give us the best chance of winning.”

(On the left tackle position being solidified for Sunday) “For this week. I think it’s what we…I think if we could finish out the year, knock on wood we don’t have any more setbacks as far as injuries go, I think it’ll probably end up being that way.”

(On G Todd Steussie starting at left tackle) “We’ll have Todd start there at left tackle. We’d like to be able to stay that way.”

(On Steussie not being comfortable on the outside) “He came here, he was our swing tackle. That was his role. We had an injury early to Orlando [Pace]. Really the injury to Andy [McCollum] forced him…he was the next best lineman we felt, and moved him inside. Todd will play anywhere. He’s played every position, really, other than center. When you’re looking for solutions, you go with a guy that’s played over 200 snaps, or started over 200 games in this league. He has a pretty good feel for it. Regardless of what’s best, we’ve just got to go with who we’ve got now. I think that’s the solution.”

(On if G Mark Setterstrom will start on Sunday) “It’s a possibility. We’ll wait. Look at this practice. Evaluate it. We’ll talk about it. There’s a good chance he would start or play a significant amount.”

(On how they can get off to a quicker start offensively) “You’ve got to stay on the field on third down. We’ve been able to move the ball up until last week, really, on opening drives and things. Fast start is the tempo you play at. Your ability to execute, like I said, third down. You’ve got to be able to execute all phases. Two weeks ago, our last home game, we moved the ball right down the field. We had a pretty decent third down, and we had a negative play with a sack. We have to eliminate the negative plays. That will give us the ability to stay on the field, and that’s the biggest thing.”

(On what gives him home that the run defense can improve) “That the players and the coaches and everybody are working very hard to get it right. I think I’ve put a lot on personal pride this week as far as how we play, the accountability of the gap we play, the effort we play with, all those things have to kind of fall into play for us. I’m an optimist. We’re going to stay positive about it, and we’re going to get this thing headed in the right direction.”

(On what he’s seen from Setterstrom that makes him a possible starter) “Mark’s been on the left side. He’s a left guard. That position in a line position, you are right and left handed, and the comfort level of [Adam] Goldberg being on the right side has as much to do with it as anything. Mark’s been working…and played well when he went in last week, and has been working to get this chance. It’s about time we gave him one.”

(On Setterstrom showing a lot of progress throughout the season) “He’s gotten stronger. He’s put a lot of work in the weight room. He’s gotten…his lower body has always been strong, but he’s really worked on his upper body strength, and he’s able to hold up against those bigger inside tackles.”