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    stlouy Guest

    Exclamation Frisco...

    Mc Cleon will need to have play a LOT better Sun. then he did vs Philly. The Whiners will stress an Owens/Mac match-up. Bly will be tested also, he can't be hot-dogging it out there, there has to make SURE tackles to stop any YACs & force incompletions. Williams should hold up OK. Wistrom being back is a big + to pressure Garcia. We should also have Fields or Fletch spy Garcia as he is a threat to run. This will be a real test for our new 'D'. I think Lovie is up to the task!

    Go RAMS!!!

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    I totally agree. I was able to go to the San Diego game and saw the defense really shut down the run. The only glaring weakness that I have noticed the last couple of games has been McCleon. He just isn't big enough to stop these bigger receivers. I'm sure the Niners have noticed this too. Hopefully the Offense will score so often that the Rams won't have a problem

    GO RAMS!!!
    Always a Rams Fan............

    Rex Allen Markel

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    Dont forget that McCleon was one of our better defensive players last year.With us getting Williams,I think teams are now keying on Dexter and Bly.I really expect Dexter to pick up his play this week.I dont know,I've always liked this guy.I think he'll be fine.I thought Bly looked ok against the Eagles also.Overall, I feel good about our secondary.Lets see what happens Sunday.

    GO RAMS!
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    stlouy Guest
    You say that you hope we score often to offset any defensive struggles. High scores is what I'd like to see also, ram3057 but we saw enough *shootouts* last year to suit me. I wanna see a dominating 'D' to go along with Warner & Co.

    As for Bly, guitarboy51, He's the 'Az' of the defense. He makes ESPN's "Play's of the week", but playing the ball instead of the man gets him burned a lot. Whatever ya think, Dre & Az are exciting players

    Go Rams!!!
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    gdive22 Guest
    I don't really expect the Rams to dominate of defense at least not to this point. But with Wistrom back this week it would be nice to see a more consistent pass rush. It would also be nice to see more plays out of Damione Lewis when he's in the game. I don't want to see him platooning for most of this season.....hopefully he plays well enough to force Lovie and Kollar to keep him on the field and have Zgonina and Young do the platooning.


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    stlouy Guest

    Thumbs up Platooning

    Young won the start @ philly over Lewis with an outstanding pre-season. I'm sure we'll see plenty of Lewis because he's, IMO, a stud. Albeit, a work in progress right now. Lovie stated he likes to keep the 'D' fresh by plenty of rotating.

    Go RAMS!!!

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    joeramfan Guest

    Talking defence

    I think all of you bring up valid points,although I got a little nervous watching the game against Philly,the D looked good until the 4th quater and then let Philly back into the game only to hold on and win it in OT.Wistrom will be a factor today as will Archuletta,I really like this kid he plays with a fiery intenseness,hard to believe he is a rookie,anyway this will be a good test for our D.I will be watching and cheering so loud you'll hear me from PA all the way to SAN FRAN. GO DEM RAMS!!!!!! SUPER BOWL BOUND BABY:cool: :cool: :cool: :cool:

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    I was really impressed with the LB's play against the Eagles. The Line needs more of a push this week, pressure on Garcia will be key. Hearst is not a back that will hurt is on the ground, at least I hope not. I like the way the Rams play run D, very aggressive. However, the passing game is going to be tested today. The Bly and McCleon will be counted on to play big today, I hope Williams can shut down Owens. Arch is going to be tested by fire today. He has to stay home and watch the pass. If the Rams sack Garcia 3 or more times today, they should win.

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    Wink D gets another B...

    As often is the case here in Portland, Oregon (much "too close" to Seattle), the Eagles Vs. Seahawks game was televised instead of the Ninies Vs. Rams. :rolleyes: Had to follow the game on radio and even the broadcast commentators were Frisco regionals / bias! :rolleyes:

    Still, I believe the Rams defense did a good job of passing the so called "massive test" that this game was supposed to be. They definitely keept Owens' concentration inconsistent and Garcia's running in check as well.

    It was a tough vistory, sure; but they hung in there and supported the Rams offense --which is still not fully itself (missed opportunities, penalties).

    How about another B grade for the Rams D? Ok, B-...

    Let's see what DodRAM and Dez saw live and in person today.

    GO RAMS!!!

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