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    Well, I probably should wait until the frustration wears off, but I'm not sure my point of view will change.

    Last year, this Rams offense, which is supposed to be explosive, scored something like 23 points per game. They didn't do well on the road. Their special teams was worst in the league. Their defense was middle of the road, at best.

    Although many faces are different, much is still the same.

    Let me first give credit to the defense of the 4T9errrs. They were all over the Rams receivers today and deserved the win.

    Put another wya, "On Paper"... The Rams have the softest scheduled in the NFL. Dead last, 32nd. Of these teams, which combined, have the worst record in the NFL, the weakest of these teams is the team from San Fran. And they manhandled our Rams.

    The special teams basically cost them the game. The defense played better as the game went on, but the offense was mediocre. Martz seems to get outsmarted by alot of coaches the last couple years. His game plan was working in the first quarter, except that he couldn't get any TD's. Only field goals. Where's the offense?

    I didn't like reading all the articles how the NFC west is the weakest division in football, and the Rams, Seahawks, and Cardinals will all fight for the division at 8-8/9-7. Well, I guess they were right. This division is weak. None of these teams can match up to the Eagles, Patriots, Falcons or Colts. Somehow I wanted to believe otherwise.

    Well, good luck to those teams as they are "For Real", and our lack of media attention is deserved.

    I will watch my Rams every game this year, but you are what you are. The Ravens will not all of a sudden have a high powered offense, nor will the Rams all of a sudden have fixed their problems on Special teams and road games.

    Well, at least they play pretty good at home, and that's usually good for 5 or 6 wins.

    Go Rams.

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    maineram Guest

    Re: Frustration..

    YES, very unfortunate !!!

    Here's to a HUGE turnaround

    I had to lock myself in the closet not to kick my own ASS !!!!!

    Maineram -


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