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    Question Fumbles

    Hello, I am new here, from Japan.
    I have been a fan of Rams for 24 years since when I was living in US. I have been watching all the Rams games this season through a satellite program.
    It is very exciting to watch this year's powerful Rams offence but it is even more frustrating to watch all its superiority and momentum are ruined by the fumbles.
    It seems like ONLY Rams are having so many fumbles.
    Could you please post everybody's opinion why this is happening to Rams this year? (It was not as this bad in the past as far as I know.)

    Is it related to their powerfulness of the offence?
    Is it true that they are paying less effort for the ball security?
    Is there any problem with their philosophy or the way they practice?
    Or are they just unlucky for those games this year?
    And is there any prospect to eliminate this problem?

    Information is very much limited in Japan and I am very concerned . . .
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    Welcome Hori, I note that you have been with the ClanRam a while and this is your first post. GREAT POST HORI

    I have been saying for weeks now that the situation with our ball control is unacceptable. I hate it when Matrz says he can fix it.

    I am not sure what is causing the problem. But I think there are 3 issues.

    1) Interceptions : Warner is way up on these, this season and although he is getting a lot tipped, some of them are just plain horrible.
    2) Wr fumbles .................... Bruce Argh what is his problem ?
    3) Special teams ...............................

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