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    Fun with Wiretapping II

    My team of spies is at it again. This time, they've tapped into several electronic voice mail systems. Here's what they found.

    Mike Martz's office telepone (Sunday, August 22, 2004)

    "Hello, this is Coach Martz. If this is anyone other than Brenda Warner or Terry Bradshaw, please leave a message at the tone." Beeeeep!

    "Hey, Mike. This is Dick. Listen, I'm really looking forward to our scrimmage tomorrow. Should be lots of fun. I really think we should try to cut down on injuries, though, so let's treat this like a scrimmage, okay? Thanks, Mike."

    Gunther Cunningham's office telephone (5 minutes later)

    "Hello, this is Head Coa... er... Defensive Coordinator Cunningham. I'm not here, please leave a message." Beeep!

    "Damnit Gunther, I told you to change that message! Okay, I've set the trap. Now I want you to blitz and blitz and blitz until we can't blitz any more! That "genius" Martz won't know what hit him! Bwahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!"

    Orlando Pace's home telephone

    Um... yeah... um... this is the big O. I can't come to phone right now because I'm eating. If this is the pizza guy, I'll take the usual, unless you have the big truck tonight... then I'll take two. Otherwise, leave a message." Beeeep!

    "Orlando? This is Marc. Pleeeeeeeeeeeease come back! Please please please please please!!!! I'm getting killed here! Pleeeeeeease! I'll buy you as many doughnuts as you want! Pleeeeeeeeeeease!!!!!!!!!!"

    And finally... somewhere in St. Louis, Monday night..."

    "This is the 24 hours suicide hotline. All our counselors are busy, please stay on the line or press 1 to leave a message"*** Beeeep!"

    " the Rams.... th...they...l..l...lost a pr...preaseaon!!!! I't go on!!!!!" BLAM!!!!!

    ***Okay, so no suicide hotline would have ask people to leave a message... its a parody!!!!

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    Re: Fun with Wiretapping II

    This space for rent...


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