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    Despite being 0-6 we are only 3 games out. Technically we can still
    win this division.

    If we can get some of the guys healthy there's still a chance.


    It's Jim not Chris

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    Re: Funny

    The dream is still alive
    Some day it will come true
    And this country it belongs
    To folks like me and you
    So let the voice of freedom
    Sing out through this land
    This is our country

    From the east coast
    To the west coast
    Down the Dixie Highway
    Back home
    This is our country

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    Re: Funny

    Hey LA,

    I had a similar post last week and while still true we could yet have the best record within the division, I believe it is getting slimmer that we could win the division as it goes by best overall record first and division record would be a tie-breaker?

    So, in other words, a team could lose every divisional game (0-6) yet win all the games outside the division (10-0) to finish the reg season at 10-6 and theoretically win the division if they had the best overall record.

    I still like the POSITIVE vibes though!

    I may be wrong on this (the Warden says I would never admit to anything of the sort) and am ready to be corrected if I misunderstand the way these things work.

    I didn't get to see today's game and picked it up on the radio and Frerotte was throwing his 5th interception. Ouch.

    GO RAMS!!

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