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Thread: Futility

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    If (when) the Rams lose their remaining 3 games, they will have a 5 year record of 15-65, the worst 5 year mark in the history of the modern NFL.

    Never in a million years or in my darkest nightmares did I ever think this organization would be the most pathetic team in football. That anyone would even remotely consider making a case for Spags to stay is an insult. "Staying the Course", "Patience" and "Continuity" with this current regime are the last phrases I wish to hear.

    How about "Cleaning House" and "Getting it Right"??
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    Re: Futility

    you could not be more right, they need to completly blow this up from the top down and start over, it had become painfully obvious no matter what you do the bad coaches and bad players are going to continue to poison the well. Cut the fat and see what you have, the 9ers did it last year look at them now, it doesn't always work but if you choose the right people you have 1999 all over again.

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    Re: Futility

    I caught that last night too, that the Rams, if they lose out, will have the worst 5 year record in modern day NFL. I too was stunned and just frustrated that our beloved Rams are close now to being the worst team record wise, a dubious honor.

    I do not understand any of the keep Spags mentality. As pointed out earlier, Spags is the worst coach record wise in Ram history. We need to clean house top to bottom and REBUILD. Hopefully, with new owner, we will do it right once and for all.

    For those that are for keeping Spags for continuity purposes. How much worse can it get if we do clean house and rebuild? We already are close to being the worst team in modern NFL history. I do not think you can get any worse then that.

    Ram fans need to send message to Stan that we are tired of losing and he needs to do something about it. I do this by not spending a stinking dime on this woebegone franchise. I will be more then glad to open up my wallet once they show me something other then losing and doormat mentality.

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    Re: Futility

    And dumb-dumb still has a job this morning. Disappointing.

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    Re: Futility

    "Staying the Course", "Patience" and "Continuity" with this current regime are the last phrases I wish to hear.

    And yet this is indeed what we have been doing for the past 7? years

    staying the course with 1-5 wins

    patience with poor coaches, poor talent evaluators, poor aquisitions

    and keeping losing continuity.

    It is about time the team takes risks and throws the 4 Pillars of Excuses out the door.

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