Recently, there has been much speculation regarding Faulk's future. Many think he'll take the 'cushioned route', staying in his NFL analyst position. Others seem to think that he would be seeking a position in the Rams Front Office, especially since Shaw seems receptive to having him in the ranks.

My topics for discussion are these:

1. With the 'football mind' possessed by Faulk, what is the optimum job for him?

2. Which job would be the worst?

Personally, I see Marshall spending another year at the NFL Network. But, in 2008, he'll hang up his microphone and start at Rams Park. I think he'll be involved in player decisions, evaluating personell, and advising Linehan on the best utilization of the players. By 2012, I suspect he'll have a large financial interest in the team...hopefully owning Georgia's share. Can you imagine what would happen if Faulk were to run the show?

Hey - we can dream, right?