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    Future ownership of Rams in doubt

    By Jim Thomas
    Saturday, Jan. 19 2008

    Dale "Chip" Rosenbloom grew up surrounded by Rams football. Now he's about to
    own the team — but for how long?

    With the death of Georgia Frontiere, her son and daughter will inherit the
    Rams. Rosenbloom, 43, is a filmmaker; Lucia Rodriguez, 46, a wife and mother.
    Both live in Los Angeles.

    They will split the 60 percent share of the team owned by Frontiere, but per
    league rule, only one person can have the controlling share. And that person is

    Those close to Rosenbloom say he has some sense of obligation to his deceased
    father to keep the Rams franchise in the family. (When Carroll Rosenbloom
    drowned in a swimming accident in 1979, wife Georgia — Chip's mother — took
    control of the team.)

    The problem is that Rosenbloom has a full career — not to mention a wife and
    two children — in Los Angeles. In fact, with six Rosenbloom movies released or
    in production in the past three years, the movie business has never been better
    for him.

    Among his movie credits are "Girl in the Park" (starring Sigourney Weaver),
    "Alice Upside Down" and the Shiloh trilogy, three popular children's movies
    about a boy and his beagle. Rosenbloom usually produces movies, but he also has
    directed and written screenplays. He even wrote a song for his 1990 release:
    "Instant Karma."

    Rosenbloom has an environmental movie about alternative energy — "Fields of
    Fuel" — set to premier at the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah.

    Despite the demands of his career, Rosenbloom has been active behind the scenes
    with the Rams for years. He meets with the team's president, John Shaw,
    regularly and has attended several league meetings.

    Even in his younger years, Rosenbloom always seemed to be around the team:

    — He was there when Chuck Knox was offered the Rams' head coaching job in 1983.
    (Knox ended up going to Seattle, although he returned for a second stint with
    the Rams in 1992.)

    — He was there in September 1994, when the Save the Rams group of Orange County
    made a renovation proposal to team officials to keep the Rams at Anaheim
    Stadium. Rosenbloom asked several "pointed" questions during the meeting,
    according to the Los Angeles Times.

    — Less than a year later, in March 1995, he was there when NFL owners initially
    voted down the Rams' proposed move to St. Louis.

    As Rams owner, Rosenbloom wouldn't suddenly become a hands-on owner like the
    Washington Redskins' Dan Snyder. Those who know Rosenbloom say he feels a great
    sense of responsibility in making it work in St. Louis, and he wants the team's
    fans to know that ownership cares.

    But because of his career and family interests in Los Angeles, it may be
    inevitable that he sells the team. Those who know Rosenbloom say he would be in
    no hurry to make a decision and that a sale won't be forced upon the family.

    If the team is put up for sale, minority owner Stan Kroenke has the right of
    first refusal. Kroenke owns 40 percent of the Rams, a franchise valued at $908
    million, according to Forbes. But because Kroenke now owns the NBA's Denver
    Nuggets and the NHL's Colorado Avalanche, the NFL's cross-ownership rule would
    prevent him from taking majority ownership of the Rams.

    The cross-ownership rule reads as follows:

    "No person who owns a majority interest in, or has direct or indirect operating
    control of an NFL member club, may own or acquire any interest in a club in
    another major team sport (baseball, basketball, hockey), except for a club
    located in: a.) his/her NFL club's home city, or b.) a non-NFL city that is not
    a potential NFL city."

    Obviously, Denver also is home to the NFL Broncos team. So under the
    cross-ownership rules, Kroenke would not be eligible to have majority ownership
    in the Rams unless he divested himself of the Avalanche and Nuggets.

    Kroenke is thought to be interested in owning a majority interest in the Rams.
    Rosenbloom likes Kroenke. And apparently the league does as well. In the spring
    of 1995, when the Rams' intended move to St. Louis was drawing heavy resistance
    from the league, some league owners and officials briefly discussed the idea
    that Frontiere should sell the club to Kroenke as a precondition to approving
    the move.

    So the league might be willing to work with Kroenke on the cross-ownership
    issue, but it would take time. Even though he is part owner, if Kroenke became
    majority owner, it would require a league vote.

    No such vote is necessary for Rosenbloom. Under league rule, if an owner "dies
    ... such membership may be transferred to a member of the 'immediate family' of
    the deceased without requiring the consent or approval of the members of the

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    St.Louis Ram 56 Guest

    Re: Future ownership of Rams in doubt

    Great Insite to the future of the Rams!

    When I was in Highschool and Chuck knox first took over, I asked him for some pointers on conditioning to make me a better player, Never expecting an answer, A package from The Los Angeles Rams had arrieved and I opened it to find a Rams Conditioning Player book, Linebacker adjility drills, and an awesome letter of encouagement..which I still keep to this day...

    The Rams organization is and always was the Greatest! The Rams will stay in good hands!

    Cheerz Terry:r

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    jkramsfan Guest

    Re: Future ownership of Rams in doubt

    there's a lot up in the air right now,but I really don't think it's as bad as some may think,the team is not going to be sold right away which will give Kroenke time to figure out a way to buy it,the team is staying in St. Louis which is best,regardless of fan support this season, the only down side right now is if Chip decides to go cheap on us,sign S.Jackson,make some good front office decisions and everyone will buy into you as the new owner.I also believe that big Stan is the future owner of the Rams,but not right away.

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    Re: Future ownership of Rams in doubt

    I wonder if inheritence tax could end up being an issue here? I thought that was why the Dodgers were sold a few years ago.I could be wrong about that though.

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    Re: Future ownership of Rams in doubt

    Boy, the near term could get ugly if Rosenbloom leans even more heavily on the Shaw/Zygmunt braintrust than Georgia did over the last decade.

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    Mooselini Guest

    Re: Future ownership of Rams in doubt

    there is so much going on for this organization to tell what might happen. i will only hope that whatever we do is good for numerous years to come.

    either way, we will need to sort things out. whatever happens, i hope its good.

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    Re: Future ownership of Rams in doubt

    living in australia ... I didn't know georgia had passed on until ten minutes ago ... very sad news ... thanks for the insight into the rams ownership ... I just hope we can get an owner who lives for the rams.

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