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    GAMETIME DECISION: Will Gus get the offense going?

    Honestly, I believe he will. I have a feeling he is a lot more comfortable than Bulger is with this offense. He's more experienced with it, and that is what he has experienced wins with. So it is natural to feel better and more secure about the offense than someone who not only has broken ribs, but is also uncomfortable in the offense (With virtually no starters on the o-line). I think Gus will put up a TD, maybe even 2. Either which way, I think Gus is going to give us a better chance to win, and finally get the offense moving (Whether that is a good thing or bad thing when Bulger returns, that is something we'll see in the future...)

    Anyways, please voice your thoughts! Is this going to be the time when Linehan shows his true Offensive genius to his players and fans?

    (Oh, God...I hope so...)

    Always and Forever a fan of the St. Louis Rams

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    Re: GAMETIME DECISION: Will Gus get the offense going?

    Linehan has to show his offensive genius in this game or else he's getting canned!

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    Re: GAMETIME DECISION: Will Gus get the offense going?

    Gus looked decent in his preseason outing and certainly played like he was more comfortable with the Linehan offense than Marc Bulger.
    I was sorry to miss Frerotte's play against the Cowboys last week, as the FOX network switched to another game when the RAMS were getting blownout the start of the 4th quarter, the same time Gus replaced Marc Bulger.
    Judging by last weeks stats, Frerotte pretty much mopped up during garbage time going 3 for 6 passing with 29 yards no TDs and no INTs.
    Surely at that point of the game, the RAMS just wanted to get out the town without taking more abuse.
    I feel Gus & Linehan will finally get this offense going.

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    Re: GAMETIME DECISION: Will Gus get the offense going?

    The biggest difference between Bulger and Gus that I can discern is Gus's ability to go deep when called upon to do so. Gus definitely has the bigger arm. Will our patchwork line be able to give him the time? If Gus is getting beat up continually, he isn't going to fare much better than Marc. One bright spot could be that he will throw a lot of balls Randy McMichael's way. If he has enough time to spread the ball around to all our weapons, we may have a better chance than many think. Hope Pittman gets a few snaps as well ... am looking forward to it ... and hoping, hoping, hoping.

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