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    moloch41 Guest

    Gary Stills

    I have to admit- I never really heard of the guy before we brought him on board, but he's made some really nice plays on special teams since he's been here and that was definately a huge weakness for us. Nothing like scoring and then allowing the other team to come right back with a long run back or TD. He made a great play today and if he doesn't get the guy, he might have run for a while.

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    Re: Gary Stills

    Definitely one of the better pick ups Scotty made, unlike Richard Owens. Hindsight is 20/20, right?

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    Re: Gary Stills

    Well, that was his M.O. He's not a great linebacker at this point in his career, but he's very good at special teams. He's exactly the kind of guy that the pro bowl coaches get to pick to go to the pro bowl. A good role player who makes your special teams better.

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    sig51 Guest

    Re: Gary Stills

    Man I didn't realize he was so old. I thought he was an undrafted free agent or something. lol. I had never heard of him before this season.

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