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    Cool Gentlemen, we've heard it before - now do it!

    Many pointed comments in the previous thread require a friendly response.

    Coaching a NFL team is a complex responsibility filled with enough distraction to numb all but the most dedicated individuals.

    On any given Sunday every coach worth his salt strives to bring his players into game scenarios where their abilities will maximize the success of any given play. This is called "execution."

    In addition, the coach in conjunction with his staff must position his players into "schemes" that offer players their best chance of success while acknowledging their differing levels of talent. This is called "game-planning."

    During a game, the players' physical conditions may change and the opponents may present "schemes" not accounted for in the "game-plan."

    When the coach and staff react to these changes it is called of course -- "coaching" or making game-time adjustments.

    Sometimes fans make comments, not knowing the reasoning behind the calling of a particular play, or set of plays.

    I'm not sure, given the statistics and record of the Rams this year there's much room for criticism. I'd like to call a few plays, and coach the players toward some other play-areas the Rams don't execute well. But I'm mature enough to know that Mr. Martz, and Mr. Smith at el. have already thought about these things and have decided they simply didn't have the time to try these changes.

    I'm sure the Rams coaching staff is listening when comments about their performance are made. This forum is the perfect place for thoughtful, specific comments about game-play activities.

    I hope to see these suggestions every week. Go RAMS.

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    DJRamFan Guest
    I agree that this forum should be used for comments regarding the coach's decisions and such. But I doubt, actually hope, that coach's don't take too much information from fans' comments. There's an old adage...Coaches that listen to the fans in the stands, will soon join them. That's one side.

    I definitely would like to see more comments in this area of the forum though.

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    I would like to see constructive post in this forum though. Ones that are not out to cut throat.

    I would like to people that can break down a game and point out errors and be able to back up their words, as well as offer their solutions. I know we have a lot of good fans in the forum. Lets start using our knowledge for some fun

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