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Thread: Get him someone who can catch the ball

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    Re: Get him someone who can catch the ball

    Quote Originally Posted by MB10HOF View Post
    You've got to me kidding me on this right? C'mon! Analyze the tape!! We're talking about a guy who gets knee-trembles every time a defense even shows press coverage. Dude cannot take a hit and come away with the ball. Every single one of his touchdowns this season has come as a result:
    1. Based on loose coverage (I might post a link to this, it would be too long). Anytime the safety comes down to help out with this loose coverage- primarily in 2 deep safety looks- Bowe's gonna break out of his route to avoid contact or drop the football. This is patented in what I've seen from him, and it shows every week in the tape. Take a look.
    2. Blown coverage. He's their only target, and teams can tend to overthink their schemes. Most noticably this year in the Buffalo game. They started playing backed off schemes after going up big. On top of that, Wannstedt is freaking notorious for shying away from man to man coverage in matchups with "big time" receivers. If it's me, it's simple. You challenge Bowe with a good sized corner and you tell you're safety to watch the rest of the field because Bowe won't have a grab all game.

    Dwayne Bowe is a glorified Brandon Gibson.
    Bro what tape are u looking at? your telling me a #1 WR that gets plenty of attention by defenses as the best WR target on the field is a fluke?

    Ur telling me a guy who had 2 1,000 rec yards and 20 total TD (not including the season) season with Matt Cassel as his QB is a fluke?

    Yea Bowe has had his share drops when getting hit but that does not make him afraid of a hit. I remember last year a couple times when he did not give it his all on a couple passes when there were 3 ppl around to destroy him he should of went after it but it should not have been thrown

    Also do you see him after the catch? He runs through defenders ...he has ran end arounds and screen catches and made plays by making people miss and falling forward when he is being hit...Jax tries has the same mind set and that is not a mindset of a person afraid of contact.

    Also whats the problem with him taking advantage of loose coverage isnt that what any top flight receiver is supposed to do? Also that can just benefit us if the corners and safeties are playing loose and backed up more room to run...which brings me to how good a blocker he is

    As for blown coverages that is what u look for a QB...Chris Givens broke free thursday night cuz of a blown coverage....and i kinda like when the opposing offense overthink their scheme it just makes our Offensive strategy look better

    I would love to see Bowe one on one because the guy makes catches everywhere and he's no amendola but he can make plays over the middle

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    Re: Get him someone who can catch the ball

    Quote Originally Posted by Ramendola16 View Post
    What can Bowe bring to the table that Quick can't? I'd much prefer Greg Jennings or a top-flight rookie to him. Between Kendricks and Quick, we have all we need in the red zone. They might not be producing as of now, but would Bowe really be any different?

    Also, let's not forget that Bowe had the benefit of the league's best rushing attack in 2010. That'll make any WR's job much easier.
    uhm that Quick can't bring? So you're telling me Quick will put up a 1,000+ yard season next year?

    I prefer Wallace or Jennings to Bowe but I certainly wouldn't turn down the chance to sign Bowe.

    Signing one of these top wide receivers or one of the top tackles(Clady or Long) should be our #1 priority in free agency. Not only would it fill one of our glaring holes but it would free us up to use one of of our #1 picks on another less glaring hole(safety, tight end, guard).

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    Re: Get him someone who can catch the ball

    Quote Originally Posted by fliptalianstallion View Post
    Watch the language Dez, you're breaking your own rules.
    I would like to request lifting the foul language rule within the ClanRam Chatroom if that's cool with you.

    Anyways, with Danny out for a few weeks, our young receivers will have their hands full but the silver lining in that is they'll be able to develop chemistry with Bradford more. Rest easy Rams, we're gonna have a heckuva field trip in Miami.
    Not sure about your last sentence here, you can't overlook any team in the NFL, and Miami is improving weekly which is mind boggling.

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    Get him someone who can catch the ball

    Just look at the reviews for Andrew luck this morning. Luck can thank fleener, Reggie Wayne, and dwayne green for that. Luck has the offensive tools.

    Matt Ryan has 2 of the top 5 receivers in the game along with a HOF TE.

    Big Ben has always had playmakers around him from burgess, Holmes, ward and now Wallace, brown and sanders...

    Time will only tell on the Rams rookie playmakers. Givens looks the part, quick has the tools and Hendricks in his 2nd year just needs more seasoning.


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