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    get rid of marc bulger/ bring back holt

    i hate to say this im a big marc bulger fan but im starting to turn away from him. im thinking its time the rams invested in a new qb cause as it looks now. all the qbs weve got are all basically back ups trying to be starters if not gonna work. i mean kyle boller what was the point of that guy everyone seen how he played in baltimore he looked like a high school qb trying to play in the nfl. and keith null id raither have daivd carr then keith null hell id raither have joey harrington. then we got marc what the hell guy stay healthy. how does the same guy get injuried in multipul seasons and the rams still keep him. kurt warner didnt get injuried as much as marc did and they thought marc was the future we all see how its turned out so far. its not like we cant draft a good qb in the 2 round i mean theres colt,superman(tebow),pike,juice williams,lefevour, hell anyone of those guys. i really think we should bring back holt i think hes still got some more fuel in the tank. hes still got that big play ability and is still a great route runner. he needs to come back and teach these young wide outs how to stay healthy and play a little better at best most of the recievers that are on the team now. arent starters maybe we can keep avery out of the bunch but the rest at best are special teams guys or practice squad guys.

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    Re: get rid of marc bulger/ bring back holt

    Of course we need to get rid of The Bulge, that ship sailed about two years ago we just refused to adress it. Null isn't a starter, and who knows he may never be, but for a small school guy who played out of the gun he played pretty well against Huston. As for Torry, love the guy to death but if he still has big play ability he hasn't shown it for the past two years. We cut him for a reason, chances are he's not coming back.

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    Re: get rid of marc bulger/ bring back holt

    The Jags really don't have any sort of receiving corps and Holt still couldn't produce. Plus, I really doubt Holt would want to come back to St. Louis.

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    Re: get rid of marc bulger/ bring back holt

    Holt is my all time favorite player, when they released him I cried.. Hes not coming back..

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    Re: get rid of marc bulger/ bring back holt

    I hate to tell you this but neither Warner, Faulk, Bruce or Holt are walking through that door!

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    Re: get rid of marc bulger/ bring back holt

    Man I would love to have Torry back in the STL. He could mentor our young guys and my Holt jersey would be legit again lol. I don't think it will happen though, but hopefully we see him in a Rams uniform again soon.

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